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Opposition parties call for an emergency meeting on illegal border crossers

The federal Conservatives and NDP are both calling for an emergency committee meeting to discuss the number of asylum seekers and economic migrants crossing the border into Canada.

Important Fact: Last year, RCMP intercepted a total of 20,493 people who crossed the border illegally.

The respective NDP and Conservative co-chairs of the House of Commons Citizenship and Immigration Committee issued two statements which urged the need to discuss this matter immediately.

Differing Goals

The Conservatives want to meet to review the government’s response to what they consider a “border crisis”, while the NDP has called for the meeting “to discuss the lack of support” for the asylum seekers coming from the United States.

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Because the Commons is not currently in session, this would be considered a “special meeting”, and can only go forward if the committee (which the Liberals hold a majority in) approve it.

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