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Opinion: Voting Bernier only helps Trudeau

To start, it is a free country and you can vote for whoever you want.  Also, yes, Maxime Bernier stances on supply management and Trudeau’s “cult of diversity” are 100% correct.

All of that being said, if you really care about those issues voting for Maxime Bernier’s party in 2019 will only result in 4 more years of unchecked illegal migration and poor economic policy.

Now, I know exactly what the detractors are thinking, “Everyone said Trump and Ford had no chance, same with Bernier!”.  Take it from someone who predicted the Trump victory prior to the election, Maxime Bernier has NO CHANCE.

This isn’t apples and oranges, this is apples and a gender studies postmodern reinterpretation of feminist oranges.   These two scenarios are so different it is worth mentioning.  Both Trump and Ford had the luxury of running on the ticket of one of the two major parties established in their countries.  Meaning, they were able to draw votes from life long Conservatives/Republicans.

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As alluded to before, Bernier doesn’t even have a party yet.  Which brings up another problem.  What will he run as?  He is claiming he will make a more conservative party, but as someone who supported him during the leadership race we know that he is best defined as a Classical Liberal.  Traditionally, that means a libertarian-conservative type.  Both of those parties already exist and he quit one and won’t join the other.

So, will he try and beat the Conservatives to the Right while not being a social conservative?

Now we need to talk about the process of a Canadian election.  Most Canadians who go to vote don’t recognize the names on the ballot as we vote for Individual MPs from a party, and the party with the most MPs elected forms government with their leader as Prime Minister.  There are 338 ridings in Canada and currently Maxime Bernier is 337 MPs short of a full deck.

He has a shot at 1 seat at best, voting for Bernier is a protest vote of your own values.

To anyone who thinks that Scheer will be the same or not much different than Trudeau, you are insane.

We currently have illegals claiming refugee status from America living in hotels on the tax payer’s dime.  Michelle Rempel, the Conservative Shadow Minister on immigration, has talked repeatedly about closing the loophole allowing this, and everyone in the Conservative caucus agrees.  Hell, even 53% of NDP voters think we have an immigration crisis on our hands.

I know it isn’t helping things that Andrew Scheer has been a complete coward on this issue, pandering to the CBC in an attempt to please the people that will never vote for him.  Trust me, this drives me as crazy as it does you.

Andrew if you are listening.  Please, please, please, get in front of a TV right now and make a 20-minute speech and the only thing you are allowed to say is “we will close the loophole” and you will win.  Add in “I will deport Justin Trudeau” and you’ll win in a landslide.

People across the country are starting to hate Justin Trudeau, they just have no idea who Andrew Scheer is and that’s a problem.  His current branding can best be described as milk, maybe diet milk.  He needs to do something bold before half the country starts to think Maxime Bernier is the Conservative leader.  Having the CBC and cultural Left throw a temper tantrum against you would actually be a good thing for Scheer.  Hopefully he saw what it did for Bernier’s profile.

Trust me Maxime Bernier fans, I get the sentiment, but it’s not worth it.  If Bernier runs in 2019 that will just mean a few hundred to a few thousand voted being syphoned off the Conservative party in each riding giving the Liberals a bunch of extra seats with zero going to Bernier’s coalition. I understand the frustration and I feel it too, but voting Bernier will only result in 4 more years of moral chastisement of Canadians from the Cryminister of Peoplekind.

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Daniel Bordman

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