Spike in Refugees

Many Canadians have been asking themselves why is Canada accepting so many refugees?

Why is Canada sending billions of dollars to other countries instead of investing it here?

Why is this government increasing foreign aid while increasing taxes for Canadians?

An interesting theory could explain all this: Trudeau is secretly seeking the Nobel Peace Prize.

Trudeau with Obama

Cross-Border Bromance

We all know that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a big fan of former president Barack Obama. In fact, when he was acting president, their relationship was described by many as a “bromance”. They agreed on many things ranging from accepting more refugees to being more open to the Muslim world and increasing foreign aid.

There was one big difference though.

Trudeau has not received a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts while Obama got one at the beginning of his mandate. In retrospect, however, it may have done well for the committee to at least wait until the end of his tenure before providing such an award.  As a matter of fact, the situation in the Middle East is worse now than it was eight years ago.

“Humanitarian Aid”

Returning to Trudeau, his recent actions focus on humanitarian causes that include accepting more than 25,000 refugees in just a few months after his election, as well as sending more than $5.8 billion to foreign countries: more than $376 million of that total money went to some of the most corrupt countries in the world. There’s also his pledge to send $2.65 billion to help developing countries fight climate change.

Large-Scale Corruption

These countries, as said before, are so corrupt that it is highly doubtful that this money will really go toward reducing emissions. Meanwhile, Canadians are struggling to make ends meet and the country has a growing deficit mostly because of this increased spending.

The Prime Minister is using taxpayers’ money to follow into Obama’s footsteps who, by the way, doubled the American federal debt in eight years from 10 to 20 trillion dollars.

By looking more humanitarian and open to refugees and immigrants coming to Canada, Justin Trudeau may well be eying the Nobel Peace Prize. If he is nominated, the organizers should really think twice before giving him anything and consider what he has done to help Canadians first, since after all, he’s Prime Minister of Canada before being a global leader.

Even if it remains a theory for the moment, this could explain a lot of Trudeau’s foreign and immigration policies. Will his personal ambition cost Canadians the promotion and protection of their own interests?

It remains to be seen, but the path taken by this prime minister certainly leads in that direction.


  1. He expressed at some point of early political activity that his ambition was to have seat at UN.Wonder if this
    support his generosity to all except Canadians.


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