Opinion: Thanks Doug, No One Likes or Cares about Toronto City Councillors

City Councillors tend to be entitled wealthy bureaucrats

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If you have watched the CBC recently you might be surprised to learn that the Republic has fallen and democracy as we know it is over.  Why?  Well, Doug Ford has slashed the number of Toronto City Councillors from 47 to 25.  Basically, it’s the apocalypse.

Now if you are as outraged as I am, quick question.  Do you know who your representative on city council is?  Can you name them?

Like most Torontonians, my first reaction to this story was: oh, you mean the people who decided that the TTC is going to do signal maintenance the weekend of a Leaf’s playoff game when the Blue Jays are in town? Couldn’t care less.

Today there was a rally against this Bill which looked like it just consisted of Toronto City councillors and their staff, making the case that we can save even more money than you originally thought by cutting some of these seats.  But the media seems intent on starting their work on Doug Ford’s 2022 re-election campaign by exposing the alliance between the political class and forth estate.

Listen, I get the argument.  This does not look great.  Doing this near an election, and without referendum has bad optics.  Let’s be realistic though, and realize we are talking about 22 wealthy entitled bureaucrats who made a living hiding in a hole during any vote that was mildly controversial.

Let’s also not forget Toronto City Council’s resent accomplishments. Giving Black Lives Matter Founder, and open racist, Yusra Khogali the William P. Hubbard Award for Race Relations.  Presumably for her desire to kill all white men.  You remember BLM Toronto, the geniuses that shut down the evil Pride Parade to protest “systemic racism”.  You know systemic racism in the city of Toronto, founded in 1792 by famous abolitionist John Graves Simcoe.  A city that had 7, yes 7, slaves at it’s inception.  Or maybe they are mad that it took until 1793 for Simcoe to pass “The Act Against Slavery”.

Or maybe you liked when they brought in an Imam from Islamic Relief to sing the call to prayer inside city council, even though religious displays in city councils were banned by the supreme court.  It gets even more asinine when you see that Israel and the UAE, countries that agree on very little, agree that Islamic Relief should be considered a terrorist organization.  Even the Muslim majority country of Bangladesh wouldn’t let them provide relief to the Rohingya refugees due to Terrorist concerns.  But hey, the Prime Minister enjoys photo ops with Islamic Relief why not the mayor of Toronto and city council.

So, forgive me if I fail to shed a tear for these people, and trust me when I say we don’t need more of them.  Worst case scenario I might be forced to throw out a business card or two, but I’ll survive somehow.  Like the rest of us, I’d rather the tax break.


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Daniel Bordman

Daniel was born and raised in Toronto. He started doing stand up comedy in Kingston while getting his degree from Queens University. Since then he has gone on to win the 2012 Bragging Rights comedy contest in Toronto, and in 2012 he co-founded Civil Space Network, a show dedicated to political satire.

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