Opinion: Jim Carrey gets nuttier, but ends rant on positive note

Joining American audiences on "Real Time With Bill Maher", Friday night, Carrey went off on a rant about socialism, Trump, and Republican-voters.

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Jim Carrey, “The Mask” and “Bruce Almighty” actor is fed up with the stereotypical quips on Canada.

Joining American audiences on “Real Time With Bill Maher”, Friday night, Carrey went off on a rant about socialism, Trump, and Republican-voters.


“I grew up in Canada, OK? We have socialized medicine,” Carrey declares.

What Carrey seems to forget, is that there is a clear difference between socialized medicine, and socialist governments.

Socialism has far-too often not been popular in such places as Venezuela, where children playing the popular computer game “Runescape” can earn more on a daily basis than some professors make in weeks.  Additionally, there is no grave financial crisis.

Two different Canadian experiences

Carrey provided a brief anecdote regarding a personal experience with the healthcare system, explaining that he always decided his own doctor, he never waited for anything in his life, and that his mother never paid for a prescription.

Without getting into the debate between socialism, capitalism, and how each have implications on the quality of democracy, a recent poll suggests that 70% of Quebecois prefer that the private sector plays a larger role in the provision of healthcare.

Trump-derangement-syndrome, but not helpless

No Hollywood show is complete without a proper Trump zinger.

In brief, Carrey compares Trump to a used car salesman. 

Surprisingly, he has a positive message against the tensions emanating from an overly politically correct climate:

“Because you voted Republican doesn’t mean you’re stupid, you’re not different, you’re not worthless. I could break bread with anybody who voted for Trump. We could find some common ground and a reason to love each other.”


Even though Carrey might carry some unreasonably biased criticism against President Donald Trump, at least he is willing to look past those who voted for him.

In this day and age, openly supporting dialogue between two wholly conflicting ideologies is a, shockingly, pragmatic and courageous response form the actor.

Communicating across the aisle is something that many left-leaning individuals or anti-Trump-ers would be highly against, just take a look at Will Witt’s video for PragerU below, where he interviews New Yorkers and whether or not they would have any Republican friends:

Although polarization between the left and the right in Canada is not as significant as it is in the United States of America, there is no question that left-leaning Hollywood and its cult following harbour extreme animosity towards President Trump.

At least one left-leaning Hollywood Canadian is providing hope for a compromise between both

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