Today in Montreal, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took a few questions from the press. One of them was about a rally that is being held today in Quebec City. The rally is in response to the 6,000+ illegal immigrants who have been pouring across the Canadian border in the last few weeks.

A Culture Worth Respecting

Trudeau took the time to criticize and bash what he calls the “small majority of angry, frustrated racists.” The people who are protesting today have seen what is happening at our border, and in countries around the world and want to see our laws respected and protected. We want to see our values, and our culture protected by the government.

What Trudeau doesn’t seem to get is that Canadians want to have a Prime Minister who takes care of our own people first, our working poor, indigenous peoples and our homeless people before welcoming any more refugees.

Since Justin Trudeau is so quick to call out “racists”, I want to know why he won’t call the people committing terrorist attacks across the world what they are: Radical Islamic Terrorists.

Call Out Poor Behavior

Any group, that seeks to promote hate against Jews, Indigenous people, Muslims, LGBTQ+ folks, women, children, people of color, Christians or any other group of Canadians deserves to be called out.

Whether it’s ANTIFA, the KKK, or any other group that seeks to discriminate or marginalize any group of people needs to be condemned in the strongest possible terms.

Those of us who love our country, love our freedoms, and who seek to ensure that the human rights of all individuals are respected need to stand shoulder to shoulder and fight back against any groups that seek to undermine Canadian values.

Prime Minister Trudeau, please do your job and protect our borders and our people.


  1. While I can understand the position taken by the author, I feel I must interject.
    This country was built by immigrants, that’s what makes Canadians so diverse. Unlike our neighbours to the south, we have taken a much more humanitarian view on the world. We accept them all, treat them with respect, and teach them that you can be diverse, tolerant and INCLUSIVE. I do not think that this should be done at the expense of our more needy citizens. We need to strike a balance, take care of our own, AND accept new comers. Yes there will be changes, some good, some not, but in the end we will find a balance that works for everyone.
    Perhaps we need to examine why there is such a “mass migration” in the first place, and whether we are actively participating in the cause.
    That is what makes Canada the best country in the world!

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