Grenville County OPP has arrested an Eastern Ontario man, charging him with mischief after he allegedly left tire marks on an LGBTQ Pride crosswalk.

Police say the truck was leaving tire marks on the newly-painted sidewalks, intentionally doing “burnouts” on the newly painted crosswalks on June 17.

According to CBC, Mayor Brett Todd released a Facebook condemning the behaviour.

“To whomever has been doing this: Try to let a little love into your heart. If you can’t do that, consider tolerance. If that doesn’t work, how about just minding your own damn business and not vandalizing your hometown? If you can’t do that, do the rest of us a favour and move,” he wrote in the post.

OPP say they have laid mischief charges against a 44-year-old man from the neighbouring town of Cardinal, Ontario.

He’s set to appear in court on August 16.