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Ontario Liberal MPP lashes out at business owners

If a business owner can’t afford the upcoming minimum-wage spike which is one of the largest in the province’s history, they do not deserve to keep operating, or so said Barrie MPP Ann Hoggarth.

The Liberal MPP made the comment during a news conference with Ontario Labour Minister Kevin Flynn at Barrie’s Community Wholeness Centre Dec. 7. Flynn was in the city touting the recently approved Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act.

“If you’re going to go out of business on the backs of your employees because you can’t afford to pay them this, perhaps you should reassess your business plan and whether you should be an employer,” Hoggarth said. “This is the right thing to do.”

Sadly it seems Hoggarth’s beliefs about the right thing to do involve bankrupting large portions of Canada’s self-employed business.

This legislation includes increases to the general minimum wage to $14 per hour on Jan. 1, $15 in January 2019 and annual bumps to match the rate of inflation after that.

It also mandates a number of other changes to labour practices in the province, including: equal pay for part-time, temporary, casual and seasonal workers doing the same job as full-time employees; an expansion of personal emergency leave to 10 days per calendar year; and a ban on employers requiring a physician’s sick note. Employees will also get at least three weeks of vacation after five years of working for the same employer.

These mandated increases are by no means small and by no means planned out. We will only see small mom and pop business closing to be replaced by large corporations. Sadly though I am not surprised to see the Ontario Liberals maintaining this “we set policy and don’t care about the results” mentality.

As on the same day, Hoggarth also addressed the social media uproar over a Barrie butcher, Lawrence Vindum, who said he was forced out of business due to electricity cost increases, and the anticipated effect of the minimum wage hike. Instead of responding to the problem with any plans to actually fix the provinces ailing energy system, she responded by attacking the butcher due to his PC leanings.

As a spectator in many ways, these actions make the Liberal government look like a group who only cares about their specific voters, and is willing to do anything to satisfy them.

Even if it means creating policies which are disastrous in the long term.


  • I am absolutely appalled that a government can be this naive to what makes the world turn. Every business in the world started out as a small business. Not a single one started out paying high wages and crippling legislation. many small start ups will not survive in this environment . Many entrepreneurs may decide that it is not worth the risk. How many times do these entrepreneurs barely make the minimum wage themselves when starting out.This type of attitude will sink our economy and who will create new jobs?

    • I agree with your statements. I would like to add that the most disgusting part of all of this is. It is their system, they built it and designed it, and they are actively going out of their way to bankrupt both the provinces and the nation. Sadly, the only possible answer for it is it is profitable for them.

  • Hey hogwart....How much do you charge the devil for his lessons?? You are a disgusting pathetic shitsack

  • Interesting how the governing Elites like this politician have all the answers regarding operating a successful business. Especially when they operate their department on an endless supply of taxpayer money. Another Elitist looking down their nose at the true engine of the economy and in the end, chasing them away. She has no idea whatsoever as to what makes a healthy economy function.

  • Who will create new jobs? you ask, why, the government of course. Unfortunately, they will not be the kind that adds to the productivity of the provincial economy, in fact they will be a drain on the economy but they will offset negative employment figures that will be created by the new minimum wage policy. I can see some of the advantages of a decent minimum wage policy, however I think the possible downsides are greater than the upsides.

  • Every increase in minimum wage in history has been opposed by some business owners as catastrophic. Plainly put, if you and your competitors pay the same competitive rate for labour, it is a wash. This is from a small business owner with 21 years in the field.

  • Many small business owners were barely hanging on before the hydro hikes and now with the wage increases, they are crippled. They are not going to stay in business so that they can lose everything they have. If the government were to lower hydro costs, perhaps business owners could afford to pay higher wages! I wonder what your wage is Ms Hoggarth??? I am sure that you do not need to worry about the cost of your hydro because our taxes are paying your wage!

  • To ann hoggarth, what have you done to make life better in the Barrie area since you were elected to an over compensated useless job to make our life supposedly better? Can you gives any clues?

  • I am a small business owner, I have a couple of questions for our liberals. With the increase in minimum wage the price of everything will increase greatly labor being the leading cost in most retail items and service providers expenses. So unless you are selling or providing a service that everyone has to have your product or service becomes a luxury. When you drive the cost of everything from groceries,fuel and all necessities up people will have less money to spend period. even if you make more on minimum wage you will be spending it on necessities like you are now only they are m,ore expensive to purchase. Now middle class people that used to have a little expendable income will have none because their day to day expenses have risen. My point being No one will truly benefit from such a dramatic increase in minimum wage. It will cost workers their jobs and many small businesses like me to rethink if it is really worth all the aggravation caused by the government to warrant staying in business.The cost to small business is also much more than just the wage increase, employers portion of contributions made to CPP and EI premiums will increase as well as their WSIB because you have to charge more to cover labor expenses which means higher amounts paid due to increased income. I am going to try to weather the storm because I have worked countless hours and put my heart and soul in trying to make my business successful and to be honest where I am located what else would I do. My rant and two cents worth for the day

  • The liberals do not want small business they want big business that have the bureaucracies similar to government, Small business is agile and hard to monitor whereas big is easier to monitor.
    The liberals are soul crushers.

  • I agree with increasing the minimum wage but over a longer time and smaller increases These are big increases all at once. People will not be better off because the goods and services will increase in price or hours will be cut to offset the cost so in the end nothing will change for the average worker. This just looks good on paper and an election ploy to get votes. Nothing Wynne has done has benefited Ontario.

  • every person above thinking about one thing......his or her,,,,,profit and the good life ...what about the person making pee all...trying to survive ,doing to or three family jobs ,,rent hydro,,,to pay mrtgages,,get your heads together and see food banks ,toy drives,,homeless....there is a difference in sitting in the sunshine ,,,or striving for a nickle in the dark...two bucks an hour is nothing i think it should be more....

  • My friend owns a small bakery. She tries to employ marginalized people in some of her positions. Regular full-time people are taught to mentor these less efficient people to become as self sufficient as possible. This increase may cause her to give up a couple of these employees as her competitors don’t do the same things and can charge less. I don’t begrudge anyone making $15. Per hour, but hate that its going to negatively impact those that are most vulnerable. These people will likely become more expensive for the province and be less self sufficient. Minimum wage should be seen as a starting point...not an end point.

  • I support the Liberal initiative especially bec it helps the working poor but it should be subsidized by Hoggarths salary until she learns what it's like to run a small business and pay deserving employees 15 bucks an hour. It would be great sensitivity training.

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