Ontario Election: Where Does Each Party Stand On Marijuana?

An in-depth look at where each party in Ontario stands on the marijuana. This is a part of our 2018 Election Hub.

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The federal government has pledged to fully legalize recreational marijuana by the end of this summer. The provinces were handed the task of coming up with legislation to regulate it, and they were given a daunting timeline.

In the rush to keep up with federal legalization timelines, the Ontario government ended up paying $650,000 to have the logo for the new government owned weed shops designed.

Naturally, the rest of the province’s regulation policies have been a discussion topic in this election. However, this particular topic has not received a lot of attention so far in this campaign. It also does not seem as though the big parties have any major disagreements with respect to how the provincial government should react to legalization.

The new LCBO subsidiary’s logo came at a cost of $650,000 to taxpayers.

Click on any of the party names to view our platform breakdown for that party.

Liberal Party

Under the Liberals, legalized marijuana would be distributed by a subsidiary of the government owned LCBO. It is projected to break even and turn a profit by 2021. Part of the profits would go towards cracking down on the marijuana black market that survives legalization.

Progressive Conservative Party

Doug Ford has suggested that he would take a hands-off approach to marijuana, but has not expressed a clear plan or firm position.

New Democratic Party

No specific platform points on this topic.

Green Party

No specific platform points on this topic.

Libertarian Party

No specific platform points on this topic, but are presumably in favour of less regulation in general.

None of the Above Party

No specific platform points on this topic.

Trillium Party

The Trillium Party says they will not open a debate on marijuana legalization, although it probably does not fall under provincial jurisdiction anyway. After all, the provinces’ responsibility in legalization is to put proper regulations in place. The party advocates for marijuana to be sold by the private sector, but subject to strict regulations. They also make their current dissatisfaction with the LCBO apparent.


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