Ontario Election: Where Does Each Party Stand On Family Care?

An in-depth look at where each party in Ontario stands on family care. This is a part of our 2018 Election Hub.

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Click on any of the party names to view our platform breakdown for that party.

Rent costs went up so much in this province that the government finally had to change our rent control laws to target speculation. Nonetheless, rent rates in major urban centres have continued to become more unaffordable.

The parties also have proposals to make childcare more accessible and affordable.


An Ontario government website outlines the government’s priorities with respect to housing affordability

Click on any of the party names to view our platform breakdown for that party.

Liberal Party

The Liberals have promised to create 100,000 new childcare spaces. They would also introduce free preschool starting in 2020, costing $2.2 billion over 3 years.

Free daycare was a proposal by the NDP in March 2017, which was then rejected by the Liberals. A year later in March 2018, the Liberals announced that they would now be adopting the proposal.

Progressive Conservative Party

The PCs have said that they would introduce a tax rebate for up to 75% of child care costs. They would also preserve existing rent control.

New Democratic Party

The NDP promises to reform zoning regulations to create more affordable housing, including a “minimum density [of housing units] in developments along new transit lines”. They would also consider rent control options, and create a “rent registry” so that “tenants can know how much a landlord has charged in the past”.

The NDP also promises public childcare, which would be free for families making less than $40k per year, and averaging $12 per child per day overall.

Green Party

The Green Party says it will use regulation to create more affordable housing. This would be done both by attempting to reduce the cost of existing residences, but also by forcing builders to dedicate a portion of their developments to smaller affordable units. To reduce costs for existing units, they would change the way that municipalities do zoning and planning.

Libertarian Party

No specific platform points on this topic.

None of the Above Party

No specific platform points on this topic.

Trillium Party

The Trillium Party wants to provide daycare “without the onerous burden of over government regulation”. They would still conduct licensing, facility inspections, and police background checks. They suggest that such daycares would primarily be based in care providers’ private homes.


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