Ontario Election Party Profile: Trillium Party

An updated party profile of the Trillium Party for the 2018 election.

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The Trillium Party is one of many lesser-known parties contesting this provincial election. This will be their second general election, and this time they are back with significantly more candidates. Last election, I wrote that they had not released any information about their campaign, and speculated that they only ran candidates to maintain their party status.

They are largely considered to be far-right, but they do not seem much different from the lesser known direct-democracy based parties that you will find in any jurisdiction.

Here is a map of where they are running candidates:

Click on any of the topic headings to compare to other party platforms on that topic.

Government Spending

The Trillium Party would increase funding for the Auditor General’s office.

They also want to create what they call a “wastebuster program” which would encourage individuals to submit complains where they know government funds are being misspent. It would be aimed at encouraging front-line public sector workers from expressing their frustration where they see mismanagement and waste.


The Trillium Party wants specific taxes to be put towards specific initiatives. For example, gas tax would go to fund transportation infrastructure. They seem to oppose any form of carbon pricing, revenue neutral or otherwise, and would take the federal government to court on this issue. Instead, they want the government to set limits and standards, “affecting only those that cross the line” (emphasis in original).

They also want property assessments to be done at the municipal level rather than having province-wide standards. Currently, although property assessments are done by MPAC (a provincial agency), property taxes are set by the municipalities themselves. Property taxes are generally the main revenue source for municipalities.

Environment & Hydro

The Trillium Party wants to repeal the Green Energy Act and cancel the government’s current FIT contracts with already existing renewable energy producers. However, they would still allow producers to feed renewable energy into the grid for credit (which is actually just what FIT, “Feed-In-Tariff”, contracts are), but would only allow renewable energy generation “which does not affect others”. This would include forcing some owners to dismantle their wind turbines at their own expense.


The Trillium Party wants to make it easier for foreign doctors to convert their credentials, given that they complete a residency program in Ontario. They suggest that with more information, Ontarians would opt for fewer hospital visits overall. It seems that the party also wants to separate money used to provide services from money used in administration of hospitals and other institutions.

Jobs & Economy

No specific platform points on this topic.


The Trillium Party says they will not open a debate on marijuana legalization, although it probably does not fall under provincial jurisdiction anyway. After all, the provinces’ responsibility in legalization is to put proper regulations in place. The party advocates for marijuana to be sold by the private sector, but subject to strict regulations. They also make their dissatisfaction with the LCBO apparent.

Family Care

The Trillium Party wants to provide daycare “without the onerous burden of over government regulation”. They would still conduct licensing, facility inspections, and police background checks. They suggest that such daycares would primarily be based in care providers’ private homes.


It appears that the Trillium Party would want the government to be more directly involved in public transportation, rather than delegating it to corporations like Metrolinx (which they claim is a crown agency in name only) and the TTC. They also want public transit to be funded fully by municipalities, and not by the province.


While the Trillium Party is careful not to oppose sex education, they do oppose the new curriculum, accusing it of being used as a tool for “social engineering”. They would cancel the current curriculum immediately, before putting a replacement sex education curriculum in place.

They say they would implement a “generous scholarship program”, remove public education from what they view as being within the sole domain of parents, and repealing the College of Trades which they view as being overly political.

Seniors & Accessibility

No specific platform points on this topic.

Political Reforms

The Trillium Party is against whipped votes, and makes various promises to dictate policy using “common sense”, and prioritizing the interests, input, and property rights of citizens and their families. These are all things that the government, at least nominally, already does. Like many smaller parties, they want there to be a system of binding referenda on certain singular and important issues (direct democracy).

They would ban those “responsible for the enforcement” of laws, like those employed by police or certain ministries for example, from running for office. They would also reform policing, such that practices are less interventionary and hiring is stricter, even conducting psychological examinations of recruits.

Currently, the power to create regulations is delegated by the legislature to the executive. The Trillium Party would instead require regulations to be debated by the house. This would certainly overburden the legislature, as all the different regulations managed by all the ministries would have to be discussed in Queen’s Park, one after another.


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