Ontario Election Party Profile: Progressive Conservatives

An updated party profile of the Progressive Conservatives for the 2018 election.

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The Progressive Conservatives have had a roller-coaster year, after former leader Patrick Brown was ousted following sexual misconduct allegations. After passing a lie detector test, he attempted to run for the leadership again. He later withdrew and sued CTV for libel.

Doug Ford was elected leader in mid-March and is running in Etobicoke North against an incumbent Liberal MPP of 15 years.

In the last election, the party won 28 seats, and came 2nd and 3rd in 50 and 29 ridings respectively.

The PCs eventually released a platform, but it was not fully costed as is standard practice for major parties. As of Tuesday, May 29, party leader Doug Ford was still promising to release his numbers plan before election day. 

Click on any of the topic headings to compare to other party platforms on that topic.

Government Spending

The PCs have said that they would balance the budget, but not within the first year. They have not given a specific timeline or plan to do so other than that there would be “a responsible timeframe”. They say they will also audit the current government’s spending and give more funding to the auditor general.


The PCs say they will cut corporate tax to make Ontario “open for business”.

In addition, Doug Ford wants to get rid of provincial income taxes for annual incomes under $30,000. Currently incomes under $10,354 are not taxed by the Ontario government. They also promise to cut provincial income taxes by 20% for incomes between $42,960 and $85,923.

Environment & Hydro

Doug Ford has made it clear that he would fire the CEO of Hydro One, who makes around 10 times the salary of the CEO of Hydro Quebec. However, because the majority of shares have been sold off, the government alone would not be able to do this. They also promise to cut hydro bills by an additional 12%, in part by returning the province’s share of dividends from Hydro One.

They would also scrap the current cap-and-trade arrangement with Quebec and California, as well as oppose the federal carbon tax.

With respect to the Green Energy Act, the PCs would stop signing new contracts and cancel existing projects that are in “pre-construction”.

With respect to rural communities, the PCs would allow the private sector to participate in natural gas distribution. They claim it would create up to $100 million in savings which they would invest in cellular and broadband expansion.


The PCs have largely made the same sort of pledge to end “hallway medicine” as the other two parties. Doug Ford has said that he opposes the creation of new injection sites.

Jobs & Economy

The PCs would scrap the hourly minimum wage hike from $14 to $15, which is currently planned for January 1.

The party’s job creation strategy is largely centered around tax cuts and “slashing” the bureaucratic “red tape” faced by companies seeking to develop the province. One more specific proposal involves improving the process of converting foreign job credentials.

The PC platform also promises to speed up the process of developing the Ring of Fire, a proposed mining project in northern Ontario. The project would cost billions and is expected to make billions more. Currently, it is having trouble moving forward due to accessibility problems, environmental concerns, and negotiations with First Nations.


Doug Ford has suggested that he would take a hands-off approach to marijuana, but has not expressed a clear plan or firm position.

Family Care

The PCs have said that they would introduce a tax rebate for up to 75% of child care costs. They would also preserve existing rent control.


The PCs promise to increase transit investment by $5 billion for subways, relief lines, GO service expansion. The expansions would provide service from Toronto Bowmanville, Kitchener, and Niagara.

They would also seek to create new transportation for the north of the province. One specific proposal is a tax cut for fuel used for flights between northern and southern Ontario.

The PCs would also look into 401 expansions.

Doug Ford has promised to cut gasoline taxes by 10 cents per litre.


Doug Ford says that he would immediately scrap the new sex ed curriculum, then later replace it with another curriculum after consulting with parents.

They would also ban phones in schools, and make math mandatory in teachers’ college.

He also promised to investigate violations of free speech on campuses.

Seniors & Accessibility

The PCs promise dental care help for low income seniors.

Political Reforms

No specific platform points on this topic.


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