Ontario Election Party Profile: Libertarian Party

An updated party profile of the Libertarian Party for the 2018 election.

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The Ontario Libertarian Party, founded in 1975, are aiming to win their first ever seat in Queen’s Park. They are running far more candidates than in any previous Ontario general election. There are only 7 provincial ridings without a Libertarian candidate. Allen Small is fighting his second election as the leader of a party that has seen remarkable growth under his leadership. The party’s best showing in the last provincial election was 4th in Etobicoke North, getting more votes than the Greens in that riding.

Here is a map of where they are running candidates:

Click on any of the topic headings to compare to other party platforms on that topic.

Government Spending

The Libertarian Party promises to balance the budget, and repay the provincial debt in 30 years. They want to do this by cutting grants and subsidies, including the dissolution of the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Previously, their platform stated they would sell all crown corporations, which would have included Hydro One. This year, their platform is markedly moderate, at least in tone and emphasis.


The Libertarian Party would scrap carbon pricing and any other government programs related to climate change. They would also eliminate the corporate tax and mandatory WSIB insurance. The Land Transfer Tax would be replaced with a flat fee (of $275).

Environment & Hydro

The Libertarian Party claims that it will cut hydro rates “in half”. They promise the repealing of the Green Energy Act, removal of subsidized power from the grid, termination of existing contracts for subsidized power generation, firing of all Liberal public appointees, and general deregulation measures.


The Libertarian Party would allow non-government health insurance options, including for services already provided by OHIP. They would also allow healthcare professionals to practice for non-government healthcare providers.

Jobs & Economy

The Libertarian Party will “end mandatory registration with the College of Trades”. Also see Taxes.


No specific platform points on this topic, but are presumably in favour of less regulation in general.

Family Care

No specific platform points on this topic.


No specific platform points on this topic.


The Libertarian Party says that they will put parents in more control over education, by funding schools by number of enrolled students and allowing parents to enrol their children in any school regardless of their address. They also want to reduce constraints on non-public schooling options.

Seniors & Accessibility

No specific platform points on this topic.

Political Reforms

The Libertarian Party wants to strengthen private property, and give the government less control over private property. For example, they would allow restaurant/bar owners to allow smoking anywhere on their property, and would eliminate restrictions on off-grid solar installations.

The Libertarian Party would also have Queen’s Park renew all provincial legislation every 5 years, and make its members subject to recall legislation. They would also put certain decisions to a referendum, including any tax-related changes.


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