Ontario Election Party Profile: Green Party

An updated party profile of the Green Party for the 2018 election.

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The Green Party is indisputably the largest of the provincial parties without any seats in Queen’s Park. They are running a full slate of candidates for the fourth consecutive general election. Their platform this year

In 2014, they got the 4th most votes in every riding except in five. They were 3rd (ahead of the NDP) in Dufferin—Caledon, Guelph, and Parry Sound—Muskoka. They were 5th in Etobicoke North and Timiskaming—Cochrane, finishing behind the Libertarian Party and the Northern Ontario Heritage Party respectively.

Click on any of the topic headings to compare to other party platforms on that topic.

Government Spending

The Greens have made no promise to balance the provincial budget. They say they will implement a guaranteed minimum income ($16,989 for single individuals) to be taxed back at 50%. This means that single individuals would face a marginal tax rate of 50% for the first $33,978 of their income.


In addition to the tax back for the guaranteed minimum income program, the Greens want to use tax and subsidy incentives for corporations and individuals to reduce their environmental impact. Their platform document says they will “[s]top subsidizing businesses that pollute”. They will also introduce a housing speculation tax, and increase taxes on large corporations and top 1% income earners.

The Greens also want to reduce payroll taxes on local and small businesses, as well as on non-profit organizations.

Environment & Hydro

The Green Party pledges to put Ontario on a path to 100% renewable energy, primarily through taxes and subsidies.


The Greens want to include mental health services as part of OHIP, citing current wait times as being unreasonably long. Traditionally, the party has also been a proponent of more local administration of hospitals and has focused its health policies on prevention over treatment.

Jobs & Economy

The party’s platform states that they will create “[j]obs in caring for people, local food, arts and culture”, in addition to creating jobs in clean innovation and other green energy related fields.


No specific platform points on this topic.

Family Care

The Green Party says it will use regulation to create more affordable housing. This would be done both by attempting to reduce the cost of existing residences, but also by forcing builders to dedicate a portion of their developments to smaller affordable units. To reduce costs for existing units, they would change the way that municipalities do zoning and planning.


The Greens say they will add more than $3 billion to the current budget for investments in transit infrastructure. This would include covering 50% of municipal transit costs. It would be paid for primarily by increases to automobile-related and property taxes. It is unclear whether taxes collected from rural Ontarians would be spent on TTC (Toronto public transit) maintenance.


No specific platform points on this topic. However, the party usually advocates for more localization of schools. They have also said that they would end standardized testing, create a mandatory world religions course, and cap post-secondary tuition at less than half of their current levels.

In the last election, defunding catholic schools was one of their major policy proposals, although it has received less attention in this campaign.

Seniors & Accessibility

No specific platform points on this topic.

Political Reforms

No specific platform points on this topic. However, the Green Party is traditionally a strong proponent of a proportional electoral system with both local and at-large MPPs.


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