2018 Ontario Election Hub

Your complete and living guide to the most important issues facing Ontario in the 2018 provincial election.

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The 3 major party leaders run to be premier, while the minor parties seek to change the political discourse by winning a seat.

As election day (June 7th) rapidly approaches in Ontario, it can be extremely daunting to sift through the mountain of news and party platforms.

The Post Millennial has created the living hub below, which highlights the most important news shaping the campaign, includes party platforms, and even live streams of all debates.

Parties & Platforms

Look deeper into each party’s platform below. We have included the top 7 parties sorted based on number of candidates, then number of seats.

We will add any other party running in at least 5% of the province upon request.

By Party

By Topic

12 Days Of Government Scandals

Weekly Top 6

More News

  • Doug Ford Will Bring ‘Buck-a-Beer’ Back to Ontario

Latest Polling Aggregate

Opinion polling during the 2018 Ontario provincial election campaign
Undermedia [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons

Missed A Debate? Catch Up Below!

You can view the final debate with our live blog by clicking here. 

City Tv Debate

This debate was rocked by instability. It is therefore not available as one solid stream. You can view it in 7 parts by clicking here.

Northern Ontario Leaders Debate

You can view the debate by clicking here. 

Jamaican Canadian Association Debate

You can view part one of the debate here.

You can view part two of the debate here.


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