A popular downtown Hamilton cafe that’s well known for its live shows and events has given into the demands of social justice bullies, and has cancelled an event designed to connect the community with the local police.

According to Global, The Mulberry Street Coffeehouse had scheduled an event called “Coffee with a Cop” for the 14th of May, but now it’s cancelled because of “community response” and the cafe says it wants to be a “safe space.”

The Cafe released a statement that read: “Due to the response from our community Mulberry has decided to no longer to host coffee with a cop. Mulberry wants to continue to be a safe space. We know that this takes work and we are still learning. Thank you for calling us in and holding us accountable for our actions.”

Social events like “Coffee with a Cop” connect law enforcement officers with the communities they protect and serve. When regular folks get a chance to meet their local police, the chance for constructive dialogue increases, and communities become safer and less divided.

It’s a shame the cafe capitulated to a social justice mob and safe space culture instead of helping to build a safer community.