Ontario 2018 1st Debate: Livestream and Updates

The three major-party candidates for the Premier of Ontario will face off in person tonight during the first debate ahead of the June provincial election.

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The three major-party candidates for the Premier of Ontario will face off in person tonight during the first debate ahead of the June provincial election.

Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne, Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford, and NDP Leader Andrea Horwath will all attend the live debate on May 7 in Toronto.

The debate starts at 6 p.m and a live stream of the event is available below.

Our team will also be providing live updates throughout the entire debate.

Live Stream

(The video playback was extremely buggy due to City TV’s terrible stream.)

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Live Updates And Commentary

The Debate has begun.

Introductory Statements:

Horwath: The people should be at the heart of every decision the Premier makes.

Kathleen Wynne: I made a commitment that I would build this province. We have built 24 new schools. The economy is growing faster than the United States, and the unemployment rate is the lowest its been in 12 years. We must invest more in care and services.

Doug Ford: After 15 years of mismanagement, scandal and waste its time for change. We have seen this liberal government make sure to take care of their insider friends. We can tell you one thing my friends, we will bring a government that respects the taxpayers. You know me I’m for the little guys. My goals are reducing wait times for hospitals, getting better jobs, fixing the hydro mess, and bring transparency back to Ontario.

Question 1: What De-Escalation Training Would You Mandate?

Andrea: Every community should receive this training. Right now it is dependent on communities, and I worry Ford’s cuts will hurt that.

Ford: We will put in the proper training for de-escalation. We will focus on every single police service to make sure we take the appropriate action.

Wynne: It’s very important everyone in the province feels safe. I want to reinforce what you said about officer Ken Lamb and how well he dealt with the van attack. The province has put in some resources, and I believe small police offices should receive more help.

Open Debate 3 Minutes

Andrea Horwath and Kathleen Wynne are now arguing on whether recent changes to police services constitute as “privatization of police services”, while both Horwath and Wynne also attack Doug Ford for potential cuts for police services.

Ford has responded that he will standardize police services and that he will make sure police have the resources required.

Question 2: How Would You Hold Police Accountable For Carding?

Ford: I will have a 0 tolerance standard for race-based carding, and I will provide enough resources to make sure police can respond properly.

Wynne: Race base carding is illegal. It will take time for police to adapt to the new standard, but we will make sure it happens.

Horwath: There is an over-representation of minorities in prison because of policies like carding, and the NDP will make sure it does not exist if elected.

Open Debate 3 Minutes

Wynne:  Carding was due to systemic racism, and therefore has been removed and is illegal, we brought in that law. It is still a problem and we need to keep working on it.

Horwath: This is still a problem. We have to name racism when we see it and take responsibility and act. We have started naming it. There are still problems.

Horwath and Wynne take more time to agree on this and attack Ford. Now Horwath is attacking Wynne.

Leader to Leader Question 1: Horwath to Ford

You have said you will leave no stone unturned to make $6 billion in cut, what will you cut in our healthcare systems?

I believe in driving efficiency, and respecting taxpayers. Unlike my opponents… you believe that the government under Wynne has been efficient. Do you believe that? That on the dollar there is not 4 cents of savings to be made. The difference between me and my opponent is that my opponents have never found savings.

Open Debate 3 Minutes

Horwath: Savings are cuts. The people who will benefit are the corporations.

Ford: Its funny you say this, my efficiency will put more money back into the pockets of taxpayers.

Horwath and Wynne: Prove it, show us an example.

Ford: I won’t pay $6 million to the Hydro CEO.

Wynne: We rejected that plan.

Doug: After I caught his hand in the cookie jar.

Horwath: The Hydro bills are going through the rough while these two argue.

Now they are arguing over gibberish and the greenbelt.

Ford: When I’m premier I won’t be cooking the books like you.

Question 3: How Would You Keep Communities Safe From Drugs

Ford: We will not have safe injections sites. We will provide the funds needed to help everyone who is addicted, and make sure there are beds ready for them.

Wynne: Injection sites are about saving lives. There is an opioid crisis, and we believe injection sites will help.

Horwath: Experts say safe injection sites are the best way to reduce harm for both users and communities.

Question 4: What Incentives Will You Give Me And Others To Take Transit

Ford: We will put in $5 billion dollars into 2 way go, rapid transit, subway extensions and more.

Wynne: We will build regional transit linked with go.

Horwath: NDP will reinstate operating funding to make sure there are more trains and buses on the road, reducing wait times. We will put forward $330 million for this.

Open Debate 3 Minutes

Candidates are now into serious debates.

Horwath has said Wynne has enriched her friends to the tune of $8 billion dollars. Ford agrees with Horwath on this.

Ford has now said there has been two-tier transit system. One in the downtown core which has been treated well, another in Mississauga which has been forgotten.

Wynne responded that the late Rob Ford’s government cut bus lanes. Ford responded that he has not.

Leader to Leader Question 2: Wynne to Ford

How do you justify the cost cuts?

Ford: Everyone I’ve talked to has said you have ignored them. Unlike you, I will have a group of doctors and teachers who will help with the curriculum. Who will tell us how to run a proper system.

Open Debate 3 Minutes

Ford has stated that Ontario has extreme scandals, massive bills, and terrible governments.

Horwath responded that yes Kathleen has problems, but we need real numbers. We need to know what the real cuts will be. The people have the right to know

Ford: When we ran Toronto we did not have job cuts. No one is getting laid off under our administration.

We are back to pointless bickering.

Question 5: How Would You Help Kids With Autism Succeed In Schools

Wynne: We will provide $62 million in new funding.

Ford: You won’t have to protest to make us listen. I remember how you had to protest when Wynne was cut funding for this.

Horwath: For 15 years this has not been addressed by the Liberal government. They took parents to court.

Open Debate 3 Minutes

The three individuals are now talking over each other. Wynne has stated that their government is now working to create a working system.

Wynne and Horwath are against consistently stating that Ford’s cuts will likely not work unless they cut services.

Ford has responded that he will find 4 cents of savings by looking for efficiency and at areas like Wynne’s scandals.

Leader to Leader Question 3: Ford To Wynne

Kathleen you have stood up for the $6 million dollar man, you have increased taxes, How will you actually create jobs and handle the economy?

Wynne: Government exists to do what people cannot. The government needs to step when there is a need.

Open Debate 3 Minutes

Ford stated that he will replace the cronies at Hydro.

Wynne responded that Ford will instead just place his own cronies at Hydro One.

Horwath sneakily slid in “That’s the problem with privatization”

The candidates are pointlessly bickering again.

Question 6: How Will You Help First Time Home Buyers

Horwath: Costs are rising rapidly, our plans include leveling the playing field between developers and consumers.

Wynne: Having an affordable place to live is an important part of getting ahead in life. We put place our fair housing plan, which cooled the market down, we expanded rent control, and more.

Ford: Houses are now unaffordable, we have to create more of a supply, and cut the regulations and time frame that is choking development. Guess who pays for the costs of these regulations? The consumer. I’ll protect the buyer.

Open Debate 3 Minutes

Wynne has brought up greenbelt development, Ford has said he will not develop the greenbelt, and made the comment that Wynne has changed the green belt already 17 times for developers.

Horwath has now shifted the point, commenting that 40 + % of Toronto’s youth are now moving outside of the GTA. The NDP will, therefore, put a speculation tax on foreign buyers, and work to alleviate the costs of living outside of the city.

Closing Statements:

Ford: After 15 years of mismanagement, scandals, of the waste of your hard earned tax dollars, the Liberal government is desperate to hold onto power, to line the pockets of their insiders.

We will respect the little guy. You know me I’m for the little guy. I will reduce wait times for hospitals, fix the hydro mess, and reduce taxes.

Wynne: Ford will provide massive cuts while Horwath is providing “magic” thinking that is not executable

Horwarth: While Ford and Wynne fought on who will be the worse Premier we can have change for the better by voting NDP. We will reduce costs for homes, medication, senior care, public transit, and more.

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  1. Doug Ford did protest a Autism Group Home in West Etobicoke neighbourhood. He has forgotten we can look up anything on the internet lol

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