Conservative Stance on Asylum

The leader of the opposition has now commented on the rapidly deteriorating asylum crises that are occurring in Quebec, where the rate of caught border crossings has quadrupled month over month.

Mr. Scheer’s Statement

There are concrete actions Justin Trudeau could take today, that would help resolve the problem at our border:

Trudeau could close the loophole in the Safe Third Country agreement by designating Lacolle, Quebec and Emerson, Manitoba as “official” points of entry into Canada – since this is where most of the illegal crossings are taking place.

He could also work with the U.S. to apply the Safe Third Country agreement across the entire border, ensuring that the same rules apply no matter the location.

One or both of these actions would have practical outcomes, but Justin Trudeau has not committed to any plan to solve this issue. It would also send that much-needed signal to all those in the U.S. who think that they can enter Canada illegally and be in a better situation.

Justin Trudeau has asked Canadians to trust the immigration system. The problem is, we don’t trust him to manage it.

With the number of potential asylum seekers already reaching 8000 individuals, it is likely that this could be the issue that decides the 2019 election as Canadians experience some of the problems our neighbors down south have been suffering as result of their illegal immigration crises.

Overwhelmed Social Services

This is likely going to become a potential hot button issue as Canadians have not typically dealt with large cases of illegal immigration, and our point based immigration system has already greatly favored educated and wealthy immigrants over those that require assistance. Meaning that Canada’s support systems are likely not well prepared to support such sudden spikes in terms of immigrants who require large scale assistance.

What is your opinion on this? What is a refugee policy that makes sense to you?


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