We do not need a National Day of Remembrance and Action on Islamophobia

We do not need to be lectured by our elected politicians about how “racist” or “Islamophobic” the Canadian people are.

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As we approach the one year anniversary of the attack on a Quebec City Mosque on January 29th, 2017, the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) formerly known as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Canada) sent a letter to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asking that January 29th be designated as a “National Day of Remembrance and Action on Islamophobia.”

This is interesting as although Islamophobic crimes against Muslims is something that does happen, according to Statistics Canada, they come in fourth behind African-Canadians, LGBTQ2+ people and Jewish Canadians. Yet we do not have a national holiday for crimes against any of those groups. In fact hate crimes against Jews have seen an extreme rise in the last year while hate crimes against Muslims have dropped. 

This demand by the NCCM has alarmed and enraged Canadian citizens.

The NCCM is one of 8 front organizations for the Muslim Brotherhood in Canada, according to Dr. Lorenzo Vidino who testified as an expert on the Muslim Brotherhood before the Senate in May of 2015.

Lacking foresight

We do not need a lesson in “tolerance.”

We do not need to be lectured by our elected politicians about how “racist” or “Islamophobic” the Canadian people are.

We are angry because our values and our culture are being actively destroyed by the federal government led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who attacks Canadians on a regular basis as being bigots.The Prime Minister refuses to allow Christian churches to employ summer students while opposing abortions, but goes out of his way to benefit the Muslim community.

If Justin Trudeau chooses to capitulate to the demands of the NCCM it will be crystal clear to the Canadian voters that our Prime Minister is willing to put one group of over another.

According to the NCCM’s statement of principles, they believe that: “core Islamic values are aligned with and reflect Canadian values including equality, inclusiveness, and justice.”

Tell the Shafia girls who were murdered by their parents and brother in a so-called “honour killing.” Tell them that “that core Islamic values are aligned with and reflect Canadian values including equality, inclusiveness, and justice.”

I bet they would have disagreed.

Tell the little girl in Gatineau, QC who’s father beat the daylights out of her in a so-called “honour beating” for refusing to wear her hijab in public because she wanted to be Canadian and to fit in with other kids around her that “that core Islamic values are aligned with and reflect Canadian values including equality, inclusiveness, and justice.”

I know she’d disagree.

If you sit by and chose to not stand up to our Prime Minister when problematic instances such as the above occur, as he destroys the values and culture that we hold dear, then you are complicit in the destruction of Canada.

These values do not and will never align with Canadian values. They are not congruent.

Now let me be clear. I am not against allowing Muslims into our country, in fact, I know many people of Muslim faith who are really great people and are productive members of the Canadian society. Those are the people we want in Canada.

In Canada, we support equality of every man, woman, and child. We support everyone’s right to a normal, happy and healthy life. We do not care whether you are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Gay, Straight or Transgender.

We do not need a National Day of Remembrance and Action on Islamophobia, we already oppose all hateful action. We need a Prime Minister who is done focusing on identity politics and patronage, a Prime Minister who will focus on solving the real problems in front of Canadians. Someone who will call out problems and focus on solutions.

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  1. I see multiple problems with the arguments brought forward in this piece:

    1. Yes, crimes against Muslims come in fourth, but nothing’s stopping Jewish, LGBTQ2+ and Black groups from submitting similar requests. Even if a day to condemn Islamophobia was to be instored, there would be 364 days left in the year.

    2. The NCCM isn’t the only group requesting a day. Rightfully noting the group’s ties to the Muslim brotherhood doesn’t make their request in of itself invalid. It’s a case of attacking the messenger and not the messager.

    3. I don’t know where so many pundits get the idea that condemning Islamophobia is equivalent to equating Canadians as racists and islamophobes. For example, multiple provinces in Canada have a day dedicated to combating bullying, yet no one is making the amalgamation that the inhabitants of these provinces are bullies. In fact, a poll of Muslim Canadians have found that they perceive Canadian society as much, much more tolerant towards them in 2016 comparative to 2006 (see “Could it happen here?” by Michael Adams).

    The rest of the article is anecdotal evidence and Trudeau bashing. Classy.

    Do I think we need a National day to condemn Islamophobia in Canada? No. Do I think the reasons given in this opinion piece are good? No

  2. We aleady have a Remembrance Day in Canada. It is to remember and give thanks to the brave men and women who served and fought for peace, those who serve and protect today
    and those who continue to fight and serve for the the peace, safety and security of all Canadians and Allies today.
    While what happened in that mosque was detestable and it happened on Canadian soil, we need to continue to fight the good fight every single day. To highlight the horrendous action of a mad person with its own special day, means we highlight the evil in the heart of that one person. It does not bring peace.
    We do not need a day to know this should never have happened – we already know that. Labelling Canadians as national of haters and intolerants based on the actions of a mad person will not bring peace or change the hearts of the hateful.
    We need to continue promoting peace through Remembrance of those who have given their lives, made their lives about peace and peace-keeping and the need to defend our Country and its values of peace.. Standing on Guard for Canada!

  3. This Initiative is very problematic, along with a lot of Other Justin Trudeau Inputs ! Her is why ! In the U.S.A. with Barak Obama as president, Racism increased ! Why? Because he jumped at every opportunity to raise the race card whenever the chance arose, be it with Police actions, Perceived Inequities and the like ! Justin Trudeau is doing the same thing ! There was and is no overriding Islamophobic reality in Canada, But there will be if He gets another term in office ! The reality here should be to compare Islams view of the role of other peoples in their society VS Canadians view of other peoples role in our society ! I think it would be very clear that if this was done honestly Islamophobia does not exist But an OtherPhobia does exist within Islam !

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