Winters in Canada are long, we all know that. Summer flies by in the blink of an eye, while old man winter continually overstays his annual welcome.

However, with June here, we can finally look back and laugh at those harsh days of ice, freezing rain, snow, or sleet, and look forward to some fun in the sun!

Unless you live in Newfoundland, of course.

Tomorrow marks the first day of June. But for our Islander friends out east, it’s looking like yet another bout with Jack Frost.

For what we all hope is one last time, parts of Newfoundland will be getting hit with 10 centimeters of snow. Temperatures are looking to hover just above freezing, so our friends on the Rock will face a snowy start to their sunny days.

Eastern temperatures will be cooler than seasonal normal for the next week or so, but things are expected to heat up towards the end of the month.

As Atlantic Canada struggles to see any consistent warmth this spring, the slower start will eventually make way to more favourable summer conditions.

According to some local weather experts, temperatures for the summer are expected to be warmer than normal for most of July and August across the southern Maritimes, and are expected to float around normal seasonal averages for the rest of the east coast.

The official 2019 Summer Forecast revealed earlier this week added that coastline areas will often be cooler with a higher than normal potential for fog.