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Nine haunting Halloween facts
Nine haunting Halloween facts

Nine haunting Halloween facts 

1. Halloween originated as a pagan festival

Halloween was not always an excuse for children to stuff their faces with sweets. It was first celebrated under the name of Samhain by the Celts, an ancient tribe of people who lived in contemporary Britain, Ireland, and Northern France.  Samhain was celebrated to commemorate the end of summer and the beginning of the long winter. It was also believed to be the day in which the world of spirits and living collided, which likely led to the horror themed holiday we celebrate today.

2. Jack-o-lanterns used to be Jack-o-turnips

The modern-day Jack-o-lanterns carved from a pumpkin has become an ingrained tradition. Yet, they did not start out as pumpkins but turnips! In Ireland, the first Jack-o-lanterns were made using turnips as pumpkins are not native to the island. The turnips were carved with scary faces and lit with a candle in order to ward off evil spirits on the night of Hallow’s eve. 

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