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New website lets Saskatchewan residents access health info online
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New website lets Saskatchewan residents access health info online 

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A new website, has just been launched allowing Saskatchewan residents online access to a variety of personal health info. 

To register, users will simply need to be over the age of 18, have a Saskatchewan health card and an SGI driver’s license or a piece of photo ID. The site offers a secure portal for a variety of health records and lab results. 

Warren Kaeding, the Rural and Remote Health Minister released a statement saying that “This is a game-changer, giving patients the information they need to play an active role in their health care.” Adding that “Some provinces that offer similar programs have delays built in so that people have to wait to see their personal health information, and some provinces only provide limited lab results or require people to have a family physician in order to sign up.” 

The website also has a suite of features to help users monitor their personal health. They can do this by adding personal health information to generate reports and can set up medication and appointment reminders all through the website. It also offers history of hospital and clinic visits to users. The site even offers users the ability to upload information from personal health devices such as the Fitbit line of devices. 

The site claims to host a bevy of benefits for users 

“Having quick and easy access to your personal health information may help you to be more:

  • Proactive in managing chronic conditions and your overall health
  • Informed to make better decisions about your health and care  
  • Engaged with health care providers
  • Prepared when travelling”

President and CEO  Michael Green of Canada Health Infoway, a non-profit company that helped design the site had this to say to Global News: “Patients and the health system will see significant benefits from things like fewer unnecessary phone calls and less time taken off work for routine medical appointments. More importantly, greater access to information empowers patients to be more active participants in their care, and that can result in better health outcomes.” 

The province ensures users that all information on the site will be secure through a secure login. Whether other provinces will follow suit in making health records more accessible is unknown.

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