The National Observer is reporting that “All 19 politically-appointed members of the National Energy Board are slated to be swept from their positions under new environmental legislation introduced last week by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government.”

It seems like the Liberal government has begun to restructure Canada’s energy board to match their standards as they openly admit that upcoming legislation is meant to remove those appointed by Stephen Harper.

“While public servants would retain jobs in a restructured energy oversight regime, the bill introduced in the House of Commons is designed to jettison the current members of the pipeline regulator, the federal Natural Resources Department said on Tuesday.”

We will have to wait and see who the replacements will be, but in all likelihood, this is a move that will see Canada’s energy regulation become even more restrictive. For example, the observer found that new appointees would be picked due to their strengths in environmental science, community development and Indigenous traditional knowledge.

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  1. Liberals want full control of everything so they can do what they want they are going to destroy Canada with no one to stop them.

  2. And the closer we get to being a collectivist, groupthink, third world country, which for some reason the Liberals seem to want.

  3. This sack of shit has hated Canada and its citizens since day one…truly, an enemy of the state!!!!! Hope Liberal voters are happy with the downfall of Canada.

  4. My thoughts are that Trudeau is a dictator, his cabinet is made up of ideologist who have no common sense, he is arrogant, a liar, a worthless race baiter who intends to deliberately divide this country, he is juvenile and completely unqualified, and the more people see that the crazier he gets. He is destroying our economy, this countries future, and he is the most arrogant corrupt POS to ever hold this office in our country. He will rip this country apart and divide it forever with his incredible stupidity.

  5. with this new legislation we are fast becoming a gov’t controlled state run by a dictator. There is less and less chance there will be a sovereign Canada left to us by 2019. The opposition party has zero chance of opposing anything this communist PM does to us as he will turn us into a communist state and we will be watching it happen. Canadians are hopeless and helpless against him with half od us not even seeing what is happening

  6. Under Lil’ Dic-taters regime we are becoming a lawless third world country. Criminals have all the rights and if we want justice we have to go to small claims courts – what law-abiding citizen has the time or money for fighting for their rights? Trudeau is a criminal and must be stopped. The government is our enemy.

  7. It is sad to have Prime minister who is arrogant, liar, stubborn and determined to destroy our freedom. I was born in Communist country and know what it means to be enslaved to idealogy that has no regard for the truth and freedom.


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