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Canadians Largely Against Islam, Friendly to Other Religions

survey by Angus Reid shows considerable concern among many Canadians when it comes to the impact Islam has on Canadian society.

“To measure respondents’ perspectives on different religious and faith traditions in Canada today, the Angus Reid Institute asked a series of questions about eight such traditions: Catholicism, Protestantism, Evangelical Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, and Atheism.”

The survey asked whether Canadians saw each religion as “benefitting” Canada, or having a “damaging” impact on our country.

 Here are some of the key results:
religion map
Source: Angus Reid

Catholicism – 35% benefitting, 17% damaging

Protestantism – 26% benefitting, 9% damaging

Evangelical Christianity – 24% benefitting, 21% damaging

Judaism – 20% benefitting, 12% damaging

Islam – 13% benefitting, 46% damaging

Hinduism – 13% benefitting, 13% damaging

Sikhism – 13% benefitting, 22% damaging

Atheism – 16% benefitting, 17% damaging

Interestingly Sikhism, Islam, and Evangelical Christianity were put forward as the “most damaging” to Canadian society although Islam was obviously far ahead. The institute found that for over 65% of people this fear was due to a perceived growing influence of Islam.

Political Response: Most political parties have claimed the outcome of this survey to be Islamophobic.

Athiesim Growing: Outside of the perception that Islam is growing, Athiesim was a close second with over 39% of Canadians viewing the belief to be growing.


  1. Political parties viewing this poll as islamaphobic. That is precisely the reason for the fear. Political parties too politically correct to take a stand. Which makes them enablers of whatever fate befalls us thanks to this cult.


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