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New movie celebrates drugging and robbing men
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New movie celebrates drugging and robbing men 

The positive reaction to the new J. Lo-helmed Hustler movie, about strippers-cum-grifters who fleece men for avarice and profit, speaks to a desire for female empowerment at any cost. It turns out that criminal behaviour that victimizes men is super empowering. Just ask co-star Cardi B, who had a real-life stint as a stripper that turned into a brief career of drugging and robbing men. She admitted to this a few years ago and has since apologized, but to date, there have been no criminal charges brought. Also she still, inexplicably, has her career.

This speaks to what can only be called a double standard in contemporary culture, where when women do the same bad thing men have done, it’s a net good, but when men do it, it’s rapey and evil. I’ll go out on a limb and say that drugging men and robbing them while under the guise of offering sexy fun times is just as much a part of rape culture as any misplaced masturbation story.

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