Canadian’s should begin to worry about a $20/H an hour minimum wage as it is now being spoken about within the NDP grassroots.

Although the NDP has never formed government federally, one thing does historically occur, that being the Liberal party copying key NDP platform ideas.

For example, the governing Ontario Liberals have now begun to copy the NDP policies as they fight for survival, including a $15 minimum wage, union-friendly labour reforms and free tuition for low- and middle-income students — measures that fall right into traditional NDP territory. Another Liberal promise — a pharmacare program to make drugs free for Ontarians under age 25 — was announced mere days after the NDP unveiled its universal pharmacare plan earlier this year.

This activity in the NDP grassroots and the proposal of a $20 minimum wage is significant as recent polling data from most organizations shows the federal Liberal party starting to lose its shine. Therefore, the Liberal party federally is likely to begin to copy the provincial strategy and take on more left-wing policies from the NDP.

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  1. I will not work for under $20 now so that will have to go up to $30 and I will be out of a job and the seniors I work for will have nobody.

  2. Pay a doctor $20 bucks an hour to give the NDPers and Liberals all a labotomy instead. These politicians are getting beyond ridiculous.


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