NDP Candidate Would Not Be Sad to See “Gun Nuts” Blown Apart In Drone Strikes

According to social media posts which date back to less than three months ago, Erica Kelly the NDP candidate for Etobicoke Centre would not be sad to see supporters of the second amendment blown apart in a bloody civil war, largely through drone strikes.

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According to social media posts which date back to less than three months ago, Erica Kelly the NDP candidate for Etobicoke Centre would not be sad to see supporters of the second amendment blown apart in a bloody civil war, largely through drone strikes.

Why Does This Matter?

I would normally go on a long rant explaining how calls for violence are wrong but I think that even the NDP candidate understand how wrong she really is as she awkwardly tried to explain herself soon after.

These comments are nonetheless extremely important and fairly representative of the growing violent and fringe left. They show a movement which is willing to take or discuss violent means as a mechanism to bring about change.

At The Post Millennial that is our red line. Regardless of political ideology, we firmly believe that individuals which freely discuss violence as a mechanism for change are the bane of political dialogue and the most dangerous political actors in the long term.

For this reason, Canadians across the political aisle should be calling for the resignation of this candidate.

There simply is no place for violent extremism in Queens Park.


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  1. Well said, Mr. Taghva. Calling out the extreme left seems to be unpopular in the media in our current political climate. It’s refreshing to see The Post Millennial taking the lead in pointing out this unacceptable behavior by a political candidate regardless of the party she/he belongs to.

  2. Gun nuts have no problem seeing kids blown apart on a weekly basis. If blowing gun nuts apart would save kids, what’s the problem with that?

    1. Which gun nuts? Holy strawman. The people who abhor violent crime are now calling for violent crimes to be commited against people who want to protect themselves from violent crime? Is this what passes for adult conversation in the NDP

    2. I’ll bite. First of all, you need to better define “gun nut”. Seeing as you seem quite radical in your view, I imagine you mean all gun owners, myself included. I will now clarify that no, I do not want to see anyone get blown apart, young or old. I own guns because I enjoy shooting (safely at targets inside a shooting range) and also want to go hunting one day. I will not enjoy the killing aspect of hunting, but I believe that done properly I will be able to more humanely kill the animal that provides the meat I consume as compared to a typical factory farm. Should we ban everything that endangers children now?

      Well since you’re so interested in protecting kids I looked up what actually kills the most kids for you (since I’m sure you didn’t, you come across as emotional and uneducated to be honest). https://www.cdc.gov/safechild/child_injury_data.html This is the link to the cdc page explaining that the number 1 cause of death for children is transportation I.E. motor vehicles. So based on your comment I can assume what you think we need to do is blow apart all drivers to protect the children. Many others will obviously want to ban all vehicles just as guns are banned. Other leading causes that are listed are suffocation, drowning, fire and burn and even poisoning…..but shooting isn’t listed. Yet here you are ready to have all “gun nuts blown apart” to “save kids”.

      TLDR: You’re wrong AND stupid.

    3. My father was a resistance fighter during the Holocaust. I take it she and you support military operations which blew up entire families because we disagree with you. Thanks.

    4. Well Mr. (((Epstein))) I’m not surprised by your comments. There will be a day of reckoning and the left will be removed. Molon Labe you spineless creep

    5. Because a GUN is only a object that we have a right to own.Guns cannot kill by them serifs it takes a human to load it aim it and pull the trigger .Spoons do not make people fat either says:

      People in The NDP have no common sense

  3. Law abiding gun owners (LAGOs) are the safest cultural subset in Canada, 1/3 as likely as a non-gun owner and 1/2as likely as a cop to ever be the perpetrator of illegal violence – that is, murder, rape, assault, robbery.

    The so-called “progressive” left calls us violent, while at the same time actively calling for us to be murdered, attacked, or caged up by the State.

    These antis are very, very sick people.

  4. Proving once again that these people are FOR VIOLENCE. They advocate violence to get their way. We don’t gave a gun problem, we have a pro-violence problem.

  5. So, this socialist running in a Canadian provincial election is making her claim to fame based on trashing the US Constitution. As a senior citizen, I am particularly offended by this blood-thirsty diatribe. To someone who has lived here for over 75 years, I cannot condone comments like this. If the leader of the NDP doesn’t throw this “person”out of the party, than I am frightened by what form of government she is intending to lead. This person of the female persuasion should apologize to her prospective constituents and join in shame the other socialist woman ( I cannot call them ladies) who has denigrated our veterans and all the Canadians who died to provide her with the ability to say these nasty things. Perhaps these persons might think a bit differently had they lost their father, who gave his life fighting for their right to be such foul-mouthed politicians, running freely for elected office. Shame on both of you. Perhaps you both should take some time to grow up, read some Canadian history and apologize to your fellow citizens.

  6. I love it when Conservatives reveal themselves as cargo-cult wannabe Americans with zero original thoughts or ideas of their own. “MUH SECOND AMENDMENT QQ ABLOO BLOO”

  7. What is even more disturbing than the comments coming out of the mouths of a few NDP candidates lately is the fact that people actually vote for these candidates. PATHETIC!!!

  8. Because murder is bad ….. except when it’s people I don’t like /S
    Why do the media types have no problem equating conservatives with Hitler but are unwilling to equate ‘progressive’ left ideology with Stalin?
    Just plain nuts is what she is..

  9. I would expect a candidate for elected office in Canada would know that the “second amendment” is part of the USA constitution, and is not a Canadian law.

  10. I would expect better from a wannabe politician ! But it seems as if anything goes , could I say the same concerning politicians ?

  11. 99% sure she was referring to your Alex Jones watching types. You know the sort who deny Sandy Hook ever happened?

    In a purely hypothetical scenario, where those idiots had already incited a civil war.

    You have to make some serious lapses in logical reasoning to take this and turn it into “omg she wants all fun owners shot”

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