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NDP Candidate Won’t Wear Poppy

A new article by Joe Warmington shows just how disgusting this election is getting.

Yesterday it was the Liberal candidate who had previously shared 9/11 conspiracies.


Laura Kaminker the NDP candidate for Mississauga Centre views remembrance day poppy as “collective brainwashing” which is “made with prison labor”, and used by “masters” to control us.

Now I won’t go too in depth into just how distasteful her comments are, Joe did a great job of that already.

What I will focus on is the glaring double standard that is obvious in this election.

While the media has continued to attack Doug Ford and the Conservatives at nearly every possible instance, they have played softball with Liberal and NDP candidates.

If there is no place for the comments of some PC candidates, surely there also is no place for Candidates which disgrace the history of Canada’s fallen heroes.

Something tells me though that Kathleen Wynne and Andrea Horwath will not ask for either of their candidates to resign.

They will instead continue to take hypocritical lines of attack aimed at defeating the PCs, and hoping that as long as Doug loses, one of them wins.

The truth is disingenuous attacks like this only cement in the eyes of voters how little they can trust the evidence lobbied by the left.

In the simplest sense, if the NDP or Liberals want to have their strategy of political correctness taken seriously, they must be willing to fall on the same sword they extend to their opponent.

Ali Taghva

Business owner, former EDA President, and a degree in Industrial Relations from Mcgill. Interested in the intersection of politics and culture. I firmly believe in a free media and work to get new stories to your screen each day.


  • That's it? The worst attack on the NDP is that a candidate trashed poppies? Wow!! What a scandal!

    • Shows what a disrespectful stupid fat pig she is. She's a fan of Castro as well. Obviously too busy stuffing her big fat ugly face to do anything beyond look at pictures of him, and fantasize about sucking the slit in his beard, or maybe eating the cooties out of it. where does she think she would be without soldiers defending freedoms of the eprsecuted. I would think Hitler's peons would have sent her fat arse off to a work camp if he had been successful in taking over the world. Maybe she should get away from the buffet table and get some exercise and use a little self control in stuffing her fat greedy body

    • You are an Idiot. But then most if not all NDP candidates fall in that category. Kathleen Wynn is s bag and well DOug Ford has no idea. Ontario is screwed but in order to suffer the least amount of pain. Doug Ford.

    • Im not one who posts....but I cant take it anymore. I wonder what her thoughts are on the "Highway of Hero's"....see is totally disgusting. My grandparents for in WWII...grandfather (mothers side) was wounding on the D-Day the landing ...grandfather (fathers side) wounded in Italy. I myself served in Afghanistan (PPCLI) ....she makes me sick to my stomach. Why doesn't she go back to the USA and disrespect her own family by preaching this shit!!!!

  • I suggest she get off the internet if that is what she is relying on for her information. Laura Kaminker should try picking up a history book, or better yet go travel to Germany and visit the former concentration camps in person. THAT is what we fought for! To defend those who were being persecuted and who could not defend themselves. We fought against tyranny, how sad she is so utterly clueless about history.

    • Can she read- someone that size, with an awful hair cut & dye job like that, obviously has no self-respect, so would have a hard time understanding the word in relation to what it means for showing respect for anyone else. And maybe she should spend a little time in a real prison as a prisoner. Might show hwe what that lifestyle is about, and also help her get down to a halfway normal size. OINK

      • Stop attacking how this woman looks. Attack her actions and ideologies all you want. If she were a man, you'd say nothing of the sort.

  • Fat cow wouldn't be so fat and lazy if soldiers didn't fight for her parents and thus her freedom to earn enough to fill her ugly face. As for her love of Castro- shows what a stupid, narcissistic, sociopath of a turd she really is. Did she see anything beyond his big bushy beard ( remind her of a smelly pussy maybe?)

  • this is appalling who do you think you are im a voter of the ndp ,your acting like the dam liberals for no reason other than your feelings. use your head not your heart.

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