NDP Candidate Shared Hitler Quote – Has Not Been Dropped By Party

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath bizarrely offered words of support for the candidate in Scarborough-Agincourt

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Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives are calling on NDP Leader Andrea Horwath to drop the candidate for Scarborough–Agincourt, Tasleem Riaz, as she shared an Adolf Hitler meme on social media several years ago.

At a morning news conference, two PC candidates, Todd Smith and Gila Martow, presented what they say is evidence of antisemitism “festering” in the NDP.

The pair provided a print-out of an October, 2013, social media meme shared by the NDP candidate in Scarborough–Agincourt, Tasleem Riaz.


One would expect that given the NDPs self-professed love for tolerance and political correctness, that they would drop the candidate within moments.

Or that due to the number of times that the NDP has called for PC candidates to resign due to previous comments, that they would do the same, to avoid charges of hypocrisy.

Well, none of that happened, and the party is staying behind this candidate.

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  1. She has quite the crew behind her, This Riaz woman, a 9/11 conspiracy theorist, another who trashes our military and Erica Kelly who thinks people who own guns and want gun rights should be blown up. What circus clown will come out of the NDP woodwork next?

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