NDP Candidate Seems To Oppose Almost Every Part of Canadian Identity

Well, the NDP candidate that seems to hate everything from the poppy to remembrance day, to even exercise, is back in the news. 

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Well, the NDP candidate that seems to hate everything from the poppy to remembrance day, to even exercise, is back in the news.

Unsurprisingly it’s for something equally bonkers and just as un-Canadian as hating remembrance day and the poppy.

This time she wants to have anthems removed from sports.

Laura Kaminker bizarrely wrote the following on a blog:

“Why is war glorified at a baseball game or a hockey game? Why is military worship associated with sporting events? Why should we accept this as normal and natural? Have we come to see war as just another sport? Is there an assumption that the people who attend sporting events are especially receptive to military propaganda? Or is sport being used as the great leveler, the mass common denominator, the stand-in for The Public, those whose passive consent is required in order for the war to continue?” 

With such a long and intense history filled with fairly extreme views, will this candidate will be dropped?

Given the history of the NDP to ignore a candidate in their own party which has posted that she would not be sad to see “Gun Nuts” blown apart in drone strikes, I’m more than confident in betting that she won’t.

Heck, she may even get a ministership out of it.

But one has to wonder, if such candidate is against almost anything what kind of society would she like to see happen and why is she running to lead the people of Ontario?

Would she like to lead a people who have no anthem? A people who do not remember their soldiers and fallen heroes?

Would she like to see a country devoid of any unifying culture?

These questions demand answers. Because really, the opinions brought forth by this candidate are worrying. They are extreme, they are dangerous and more than anything they should not be brought into the house of commons.



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  1. Horvath has a lot of whackos running for election. Heaven help Ontario if she wins. I have already voted conservative.

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