NDP Candidate Not Apologizing After Using Racial Term Against Toronto Police Chief

The post on Jill Andrew's social media page is dated July 8, 2016, and reads, "And the 2016 c**n award goes to."

NDP Candidate Jill Andrews
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Jill Andrew’s has officially refused to apologize for the following facebook post.


She provided the following statement

“As a Black woman, my personal Facebook post was reflective of the very tensions that I, and many in Toronto’s marginalized communities, feel and experience.

I recognize that loaded terms compromise discussion. My decision to stand for elected office is a positive step toward engaging with difficult conversations in our City and throughout the province and I am committed to participating in constructive dialogue and advocating for the positive change we all wish to see.”


The Facebook post by the NDP candidate for Toronto-St.Paul’s includes a racial slur, while referring to Toronto police chief Mark Saunders.

The post on Jill Andrew’s social media page is dated July 8, 2016, and reads, “And the 2016 c**n award goes to.”

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  1. Unfortunately (and I wish I was kidding), not apologizing is probably more beneficial to her support with would-be NDP voters.

Yanky Pollak

Yanky Pollak is a young energetic activist, with a strong voice for the community. He has been involved in multiple political campaigns and has worked very closely with many political figures. He works as a freelance photographer.

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