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NASA sending a drone to Saturn’s largest moon

NASA sending a drone to Saturn’s largest moon 

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NASA will be sending a drone to Titan, the largest moon of Saturn.

Codename Dragonfly is set to explore dozens of locations across the moon with the goal of seeing how early life could have developed on Earth.

This is because according to NASA scientist Lori Glaze, Titan has all of the ingredients for life.

While the moon is eerily similar to earth it also vastly different.

For example, Titan has such a thick atmosphere that it is perfect for flying, as a result, the drone will likely fly throughout the moon rather than drive.

The moon also has an average temperature of -179C

The voyage is currently expected to cost around $850 million to develop, making it slightly costlier than the agency’s typical Discovery missions which range from $500 – 800 million.

The voyage is currently set to launch in 2026 and won’t land on Titan until 2034.

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