Police are looking for a middle-aged man who wore little more than his birthday suit, after he approached several women in three Toronto parks between May 25 and May 28.

The first reported incident occurred at David A. Balfour Park on Rosehill Avenue, during the noon-hour on May 27. Dressed only in socks, shoes, backpack and hat, the man approached a woman and tried to start a conversation.

The following day, at approximately 11:30 am, a man fitting the description of the Balfour Park exhibitionist appeared at Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens Park, at Yonge Street and Chatsworth Drive, where he approached another woman.

About an hour later, approximately one kilometre south at Sherwood Park, two women reported that a naked man approached them.

Today police received a pair of similar complaints about the alleged exhibitionist who was getting a bit of exercise in the buff, jogging naked through the Moore Park ravine on May 25.

One of the people who reported the Moore Park matter was able to snap pictures of the perp.

Witnesses describe him as a white male with medium build, chest hair who appeared to be between the ages of 40 and 55, standing between 5’7″ and six foot.

All witnesses reported the man spoke with an accent and wore a blue draw string backpack.

Police are asking anyone with information to contact them at 416-808-5300.