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MPP York Centre: “I am disturbed and concerned for the rally proposed for August 29, 2018.”

On August 29th, 2018 at 4PM a rally will be taking place against B’nai Brith Canada, published on the Centre for Social Justice website, after the organization of B’nai Brith Canada denounced the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) for their affiliation with the Palestinian Service Workers Union (PSWU).  The PSWU, according to B’Nai Brith Canada is known to have shown praise for Hamas terrorists.

CUPW, PSWU, and B’nai Brith Canada

The anti-Israel rally will take place under the guise that the CUPW is in solidarity with the PSWU, for Palestinian human rights, and yet, it is not Israel praising immoral human beings who commit terror attacks, and oppress their own people.  The real perpetrators of human rights.

Moreover, the demonstrators will consider B’Nai Brith’s condemnation of the PSWU as a smear campaign.  The protestors will march down Hove St, North York, where B’nai Brith offices are located, and where they will spout anti-Israel chants outside the establishment.  As you can see in the cringe-worthy pictures below, from the discussions section of the Facebook event page for the rally, BDS Toronto is in full support of this movement, the BDS Toronto endorser can also be seen to invoke anti-Semitic and pro-terrorist incitement such as the call for intifadas in (insert city of choice) to Gaza.

A BDS Endorser For the anti-Israel Rally that will take place August 29th, 2018.
The BDS supporter posted chants.
Some of the chants were filled with incitement.

Comment by MPP of York Centre

Expressing criticism and overall disapproval of the rally, Member of Provincial Parliament for the riding of York Centre, Roman Baber, released a statement in which he declares:

“I am disturbed and concerned by the rally proposed for August 29, 2018, inside a residential neighborhood of York Centre.”

The MPP also seemed committed to maintaining Ontario Premier Ford’s mission to keep hatred out of Ontario.  Baber also reiterated his desire for the City of Toronto and the Toronto Police to maintain the peace and safety for the York Centre community.

The full statement can be read below:

Whether the BDS/anti-Israel/pro-Palestinian movement has any type of leverage in their platform or not, the fact that they would harass innocent Canadians and chant blatant incitement seriously tarnishes any chance they have of earning any legitimacy.

More to follow of this event, only here at The Post Millennial.

Jonathan Wasserlauf

Jonathan is interested in the intersection between politics, pop culture, the media, and their audiences.


  • This is infamous. Do we really need rallies in the middle of Toronto that promote hatred and divisiveness? This is madness. So much could go wrong and probably will.

  • Roman was born and raised in the Soviet Union until age eight and then lived in Israel until age fifteen.

    Nuf Said™

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