More than 700 asylum seekers have reportedly crossed the border since Friday

If the rate of border crossings continue or increase more than 4000 new individuals would be coming to Canada per month. 

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Refugee Border
RCMP officers help a family of asylum claimants as they cross the border into Canada from the United States, Monday, Feb. 20, 2017, near Hemmingford, Quebec. A growing number of people have been walking across the border into Canada to claim refugee status. (Paul Chiasson/The Canadian Press via AP)
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According to a La Presse article “More than 700 asylum seekers have reportedly crossed the border illegally from the United States since Friday.”

Jean-Pierre Fortin, national president of the Customs and Immigration Union (SDI), in an interview with Canadian Press commented that about 120 to 150 people had crossed the border irregularly daily since Easter weekend, including 150 on Wednesday. 

Quebec estimates $146 million to be the additional spending needed to handle the unusual flow of asylum seekers at the border for just 2017 alone.

These numbers are very concerning as Canada took in roughly 25,000 Syrian refugees and has had a difficult time properly integrating those groups into Canadian society.

If the rate of border crossings continue or increase more than 4000 new individuals would be coming to Canada per month.

It’s unclear what will happen to the new wave of migrants. Last year, thousands were housed in Montreal’s Olympic Stadium, where rows of cots were set up. At the border, tents were placed to help process the migrants.

Montreal’s employment services office after the first wave of migrant crossings.

What is obvious though is that our immigration and refugee system cannot handle this load.

Last year, the Immigration and Refugee Board had 47,000 new asylum claims. That’s double the number of claims in 2012.

Furthermore, the Immigration and Refugee Board is only able to hear about 2,000 cases each month. At the moment, wait times for a new hearing last about 20 months.

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  1. Canadians will start CULLING these INVADERS (CANCER) to our resources. WE WILL NOT PUT UP WITH THIS SHIT MUCH LONGER.

  2. our “dear” PM should be the one to pay for the expenses of the migrants as it was his idea !!!!! not us !!!

  3. We are hooped unless we actually adjust the loophole that is the safe third country act stca . We need to not allow the asylum seekers to country shop.mark my words we are seeing many ‘asylum seekers at the border who have already been given refugee status in other countries………netherlands is real Italy. I know what I speak. They don’t like the life there and come to the usa for refugee staus. They are denied and then they flee to our border. Where like putzes we welcome them in for about 2 years before we send them home. On our dime. While legitimate refugees wait in camps for years for us to claim them.

  4. we can not afford these extra people it has costs the taxpayer too much. we cant find the jobs here ourselves. we dont get paid how and ehy do we have to look after these people 1st. this is not right our people come 1st. we dont work to pay them but for our iwn families. they are illegals not worked a single day in Canada and we have to pay them. there is something fuc;;ng wrong here and lt needs tobe corrected now

  5. Kanadastanians are outraged! Some are so angry they have vowed to stop apologizing! Let’s face it…Canadians are just a huge mound of cheek…because no matter what you do to us, we just turn another one. Without someone like a Donald Trump up here, Kanadastan is doomed like Europe.

  6. Canada is a country of laws. Illegal border-jumpers are like any other illegals. There is no provision in Canadian law that allows asylum seeking queue jumpers to obtain landed immigrant status. Illegals should be repatriated to their birth countries and apply for landed status from there.
    Canada is a terrific country in which to live precisely because we are a democracy of laws. Citizenship can/will never be extended to people who first break laws to get here.
    Offer such law-breakers $1000.00 and a ticket to their country of birth and make absolutely clear to these illegal queue jumpers that a visa to Canada and a subsequent refugee claim can only be obtained from a Canadian embassy or consulate in their country of origin.

    1. Yes. The thousand dollars and a ticket home would be a bargain to the taxpayers of Canada. Let’s rumor this until it starts happening.

  7. Trudeau left the flood gate wide wide open. Carbon tax hikes gas hikes already gone up as well im pretty sure whatever does not yet have a tax will have a tax and meanwhile give our (excuse me) throw Canadas money away cause hey not his money.
    I wonder how long will it take Canadians to say enough is enough and protest against the government ? Maybe when there will be so many that each province is going to start complaining that theres no where to even put them all because hey if it goes up to 10,000 of them a month only then but hey they will be the ones who will be complaining and demanding against us Canadians and you can bet our government will bend over backwards to maintain that shiny image to the rest of the world regardless of how many terrorists that they also let in might see many more not working cause hey theyll be the ones who end up laughing at us for being sheep.

  8. Civil War is what will be coming!!
    Justin is an Idiot Socialist he has screw Canada and Canadians over with his lies!!
    And the RCMP are just as Stupid! They know the Laws but ignore them, letting these immigrants cross anyway! Guess what Justin wont be giving direction for long!
    18 months and he will be History!!
    And then no more listening to all you Libtards who support the Idiot!
    Call an election Justin!!! You wont to Stupid, and already know you will lose! No dought you will cheat like the last Election!!

  9. First, we need to look at these people as people…like us. It is “we” not “us vs them”. This is not a game of “King of the Sandbox”. I believe would should look to European countries for ideas, give their experience with massive migrations of refugees. We must learn about their successes and failures…what’s worked and what hasn’t. Our government may need to spend more dealing with this crisis but lets look at the efficiency gaps. There’s a long time between a refugee coming in Canada and when they are finally processed through the long, inefficient, and convoluted government process with refugees. That is a huge cost to taxpayers and leaves refugees sitting and waiting rather than getting jobs and feeling like contributing members of society. If the establishment fails refugees, they will find illegal ways to survive, since that’s why they’re here…just trying to make a life for themselves just as any of us would.

  10. Close the boarders. Once the economy explodes in the next couple of years we’re going to see chaos like never imagined. The only people coming to Canada should be invitation only: educated and skilled people from Europe and other places, not trash.

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