More of Corbyn Shaming England’s Labour Party in Recent String of Anti-Semitic Acts

More proof Labour leader Corbyn is radically anti-Semitic


Jeremy Corbyn is no longer shock material for anti-Semitic idiocy and fringe extremist pandering.

If the leader of the English Labour Party already disappointed the broader conservative and Jewish communities with his distasteful anti-Jewish rhetoric, then some new reports from this week are really tarnishing any possible positive relationship between the Labour and the English pro-Jewish communities.

In an extremely candid series of photos Corbyn can be seen in Tunis at an event for a Palestinian conference to commemorate the Black September Palestinian terrorist group, a faction of Palestinian terrorists that kidnapped 11 Israeli-Jewish Olympians and murdered them in cold blood. This startling series of events transpired nearly five decades ago during the 1972 Munich Olympics, yet Corbyn can be seen harnessing a wreath to lay for the dead perpetrators of the attack just a few days ago.

Alternatively, this picture posted by Evening Standard, at the very same event, demonstrates Corbyn closing his eyes and turning his palms to the air in Islamic prayer. Not that there’s anything wrong with chanting any type of prayer, but when you pray for the wellbeing of dead and radicalized murderers, then something seems a bit sketchy, no matter which way you twist it.

These photos are certainly disturbing– alarming even. Even more devious, Corbyn’s spokespeople claimed that Corbyn condemned the 1972 massacre, but was at the event to commemorate the bombing of the 1985 Palestinian Liberation Organization headquarters. As if that was some type of consolation prize or compromise…

In an exclusive story by Twitter handle @TheGolem_, Corbyn is documented in a 2013 live video recording comparing Israeli occupation of the West Bank to Nazi occupied Europe during WWII.

If this has not convinced you of Corbyn’s pandering, then you will surely get a kick out of this one. Maajid Nawaz, the famous Islamic moderate for conservative voices, accused Corbyn of Muslim Brotherhood support, as he is pictured making their signature “Rabaa” hand sign.

Conveniently, Nawaz’s Tweet also features the side-by-side pictures of both Corbyn making the “Rabaa” hand sign and the photo of Corbyn praying at the terrorist’s grave site, fuelling the speculation that the Labour Party leader is warm with a party of individuals who refuse to accept Western culture, values and and Jews in Israel.

While Israel maintains no significant role in local British politics, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu was swift to condemn Corbyn’s vile behaviour, as you can evidently see in the tweet below.

Corbyn continues to run amok and make a clown out of himself. Let’s hope that the Labour leader can change soon, preferably towards the moderate side of politics.


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