Montreal’s Lachine wants to go green with new eco-focused initiative

Lachine is looking to bring some new green alleyways to its neighbourhoods to maximize on fun and safety for the community.

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With 84 alleyways, Lachine mayor, Maja Vodanovic claims that it’s the plan of the people of Lachine to make their alleyways green.

The initiative is looking to add a list of assorted new developments to the alleys and make them more community-friendly.  

The borough of Lachine website for the city of Montreal, lists examples of alleyway space layouts, advantages, program budget allocation and an eligibility criteria.

Some layout examples, include the addition of plants, flower pots and other forms of urban agriculture, street furniture, lanes made with games for children and decorated with various artwork pieces to help turn the alleyways into usable spaces.

The city is looking to create public places to attract visitors to them, forge a sense of belonging to the neighbourhood, increase social interactions as well as public safety.

The budget includes up to $25,000 per alleyway lane.

The eligibility criteria is structured in order to help the community develop the project.

As the deadline is October, 1, 2018, a new alleyway committee is being set up as part of the criteria.  

Wasting money is definitely not in the budget for Lachiners or other members of the Montreal community.  After millions of dollars were spent lighting up the Jacques Cartier Bridge, is this a project the city can afford and maintain?



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