Montreal Man Had Sex With Two Minors – Received Only 9 Months

Only in a society that accepts pedophilia to some degree can a repeat predator walk free after nine months.

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According to a new article in the Montreal Gazette, a 49-year-old repeat offender will only receive a 9-month prison sentence after having sex with two minors.


The 49-year-old owner of a tattoo shop on St. Jean Blvd pleaded guilty to charges he had faced since 2013.

According to the Gazzete, since March, other young women have filed complaints with the Montreal police against McKenzie alleging they were victims of similar abuse.

Rowen Mckenzie

One of the victims commented the following: “When writing this statement, and even when presenting this statement, it is my belief that it will serve little value in making you truly realize the impact of your predatory assaults. I was not your first victim and I was not your last,” she said.

The nine-month prison term will be followed by two years of probation. Roy issued an order barring McKenzie from making contact with minors over the internet for a period of 10 years.

Why Does This Matter?

Looking at the article and the extremely lax punishment I can only feel disgusted by our society. We are rapidly becoming a society which is willing to accept the sexualization of children.

A 9-month term does not denote the seriousness of a 40-year-old man preying on 14-year-old girls. In no logical world does this make sense.

Only in a society that accepts pedophilia to some degree can a repeat predator walk free after nine months. I am disappointed in our justice system; I am disappointed in the politicians who have allowed for this environment to be created.

More than anything though I am disappointed in our media, for not angerly holding this gross and lacking moment of justice to light.

Someone needs to respond to this.

This should in no way be the norm. Or ever happen again.

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