Millennial politics: Why a Construction Professional has Entered the Municipal Race

Mawubi (MOBY) Hargoe a young millennial seeks to enter municipal politics

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There is something to be said for people who are concerned about politics. Whether it’s federal, provincial, or municipal, the average person wouldn’t care, unless they were feeling some sort of economic pain.
Moby, active in politics at all 3 levels over the past 9 years, has seen why people are so disaffected, and he has had enough. Time after time, he hears a similar message from those who are disengaged… “They’re all the same” or “It makes no difference.”


Mawubi (MOBY) Hargoe is a 32 year old, long time local resident of Downsview, and the second of 5 children to a hard working Ghanaian immigrant father (Joseph), and Italian mother (Margherita).

Moby is a positive and passionate individual, volunteering for community organizations to raise funds for disaster relief and helping those less fortunate, including the Marc Anthony Gibson Foundation, and the Daily Bread Food Bank.

He is a construction industry professional working across Canada and around the world, building water towers and water infrastructure to growing communities, serving cities, towns, rural and remote areas.

He also routinely contributes to the online newspaper, The Post Millennial.


As Moby puts it,

“I get asked this question frequently.  For starters, I don’t believe the residents of Ward 9 – Downsview are getting the proper customer service that they pay for through their taxes.

I’m looking to make a positive difference within the community, and #1 priority is customer service. But there is so much more than that…it’s discussion, it’s consultation, it’s ideas, and accountability to taxpayers.

There is so much potential for Ward 9 in the next 50 years, it’s going to require a young mind, with new energy and new ideas to make Downsview prosper. The incumbent in my ward has been in office for almost 35 years…that’s longer than I’ve been alive.

After 35 years, residents want change. And they nearly achieved that change in 2010. However, 2018 does look promising for the residents of Downsview, and I intend to be the agent of that change.”


To Moby, local issues are just as important as issues citywide, as they immediately affect residents. Whether it’s the development of Downsview Park, the sale of Bombardier, legalization of marijuana, or the implementation of safe injection sites, Moby believes that the community should have the ultimate say…period.

This is what he means by customer service – returning every phone call, and consulting every community on every issue. The community should not be left in the dark, something that the incumbent councillor does constantly.

“I cannot stand by and watch as the potential of Downsview and Bombardier goes to waste under our incumbent”, says Moby. “Our incumbent has a 35 year track record of doing nothing, or worse, incompetence. One such case, was the 2008 Sunrise Propane explosion, which 2 people died, caused millions in property damage and emotionally scarred thousands in the community, the majority being the elderly.”


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