Mike Rowe on Partisanship and Philanthropy

Mike Rowe comments on philanthropy and his interaction with Sanders, Clinton, and Trump.

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Every Sunday, Ben Shapiro, host of  the largest growing conservative podcast in the United States of America, “The Ben Shapiro Show”, invites iconic guest stars to his show to open a dialogue with them and find common ground on current political issues.  This past weekend, “The Way I Heard It” podcast host, and former CNN show host for “Somebody’s Gotta Do It“, Mike Rowe was invited to headline the segment.

Rowe is interesting because of his hardworking character in the television industry, and he would eventually make it onto CNN’s network.  Rowe managed to get the spot on the news channel after he developed a show auctioning off “crap”, items that were collectables, rare and precious.  As he discusses on Shapiro’s Sunday Special: Episode 12 podcast, all of the money from items sold at the auction were donated to charities and, subsequently, reveals that he generated over thousands upon thousands of dollars for doing so.

CNN picked Rowe up as a host for the show, “Somebody’s Gotta Do It”, a program that broadcast Rowe visiting different individuals, and showcasing their unique stories, work, and talents.  Because of the 2016 elections, Rowe implies that his show became too controversial.  At this juncture, CNN dropped the show and then it was picked up by Trinity Broadcasting Network.

In response to his show being cut, Rowe endeavoured to reach out and communicate with then-candidate and current President, Donald Trump, opposing candidate Hillary Clinton, as well as Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, asking them to donate items to his charity to auction off at one of his shows since, as Rowe claims, they got him kicked off of CNN.

Rowe announces that he would forgive the candidates on the condition that Sanders donated one of his signature wrinkled jackets, Clinton, one of her typical pant suits, and from Donald Trump, a signed Trump bathrobe.

As Rowe describes, he acquired absolutely nothing from either Democratic candidate, but sure enough, President Donald Trump sent in an autographed bathrobe.

During the charity auction, Rowe fell into hot water as some of his fans were unhappy with the fact that Rowe donned the robe at the event.  Rowe’s motivation to wear the Trump signed memorabilia was simply for display purposes only, and yet his audience felt as though he was portraying partisanship.

Rowe concludes the discussion by explaining that philanthropy is one of the last domains where people from both sides of the aisle can come together, be decent towards on another, and co-operate to stimulate positive action that is beneficial for the entire community.  Philanthropy should not be a place to criticize someone else’s ideological purview, ending with, if the other two candidates had donated to the cause, he would have represented their items equally.

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  1. People whining about someone modeling a robe are just clearly well-trained in how the only appropriate response to anything that EVER happens where Trumps name comes into it is always OUTRAGE.
    I would ask why aren’t they outraged that Hillary and Bernie were too cheap to even donate something, but it’s too painfully obvious.

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