#MeToo Hypocrisy: Trudeau Fails To Meet His Own Standards

Sometimes hypocrisy is so blatant that it is difficult to determine how to respond to it.

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Justin Trudeau
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau participates in an armchair discussion with Tina Brown (not shown) at the Women in the World Summit at the David H. Koch Theater of the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York on Thursday, April 6, 2017. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick

The Prime Minister is sitting in the middle of an 18-year-old groping allegation that seems to only get worse as time goes on.

The story first began when former Liberal insider Warren Kinsella published the following article on his blog which discussed an August 2000 editorial, from the Creston Valley Advance.

The article describes a young female journalist at the time being “inappropriately handled” by Justin Trudeau.
Fast forward a few weeks and everyone from Canadian reporters like Brian Lilley, to Americans such as Washington Post’s Rebecca Tan, and even popular Youtuber Philip Defranco were discussing the story.

But until now it was just that general discussion around an 18-year-old story, with no name.

Today the CBC released a tape of their conversation with the individual who was the publisher of the Creston Valley Advance (at the time of this articles release) where she openly discusses the real nature of these allegations.

The National

As a response to recent questions, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he does not remember any “negative interactions” during an event he attended 18 years ago in British Columbia.

Trudeau told reporters in Regina today that he remembers attending the music festival in Creston, B.C., but doesn’t recall anything going amiss.

“I remember that day in Creston well, it was an Avalanche Foundation event to support avalanche safety. I had a good day that day. I don’t remember any negative interactions that day at all,” Trudeau said.

Well, that is just how these things work, isn’t it? It’s an unmemorable non-event for the celebrity perpetrator, but the victim is left to carry that their entire lives.

This response marked the first time Trudeau has offered direct comment on the 18-year-old allegation, and perhaps the most important moment in this case so far.

In previous interviews on the topic of sexual harassment, Trudeau has rightly made it very clear that he thinks that women who come forward with complaints of sexual assault and harassment must be supported and believed.

Most recently the Prime Minister accepted the resignation of former Sports Cabinet Minister Kent Hehr (who resigned due to sexual harassment allegations), by issuing the following statement.

Harassment of any kind is unacceptable and Canadians have a right to live and work in environments free from harassment

“As a government, we take any allegations of misconduct extremely seriously, and we believe that it is important to support women who come forward with allegations and that is exactly what our government will do.”

So I am left to wonder why the PMO, and the media is not taking these allegations seriously, especially when cabinet ministers, and former candidates for Premier who have faced allegations of harassment, even from before their political careers, have been forced to step down from their roles.

Editors Note: Since publication new information potentially show the CBC sitting on this story for an extremely long period of time, deciding to largely ignore the entire story.

How can the Prime Minister state in one sentence that victims deserve to be believed, and in another ignore the real allegations which surround him at this moment?

How can any Canadian truly trust the process when we can see it so favourably applied?
These allegations have merit, and they deserve real investigation.

Heck, for a moment think about this from the perspective of the potential victim, in this case, it would be an individual who has for the past ten years seen Trudeau virtue signal his way to the top of the political food chain and is now faced with a media who potentially believes a hypocritical feminist over the genuine victim.

A truly frightening thought.

If the Prime Minister believes what he preaches then he should want to never allow the above frightening scenario to occur. He should be more open to inquiry.

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  1. Trudeau should resign immediately, just as he made others do before him. He said the rules applied to EVERYONE!

  2. Trudeau should resign immediately, as he has forced others to do before him. He said the rules applied to everyone. Was he lying??

  3. He forced Kent Hehr to resign , Patric Brown was forced to resign , Trudeau has been virtue signaling as a feminist , he said no exceptions , he should do as he has asked others to do

  4. Who cares. This is what you are fishing for? Something that MAY have happened 18 years ago when he was 28. Please. Get over yourselves. This guy is governing the country and shouldn’t be wasting his time discussing things that may have happened over 2 decades ago, and we are talking about a butt grab at worst. PLEASE, if this is your biggest concern go check your head out.

    1. You ae ignorant. So a butt feel is perfectly acceptable?? Its sexual harassment now and it was sexual harassment 18 years ago. Trudeau should be made to step down. He is one huge hypocrite.

  5. Say what! …I am pretty sure that to many men “groping a young woman” would not be considered a “negative interaction”. Justin, please just answer the question! Stop dancing around it. Anyway, it matters not whether or not you remember it. As you have said time and time again “we MUST believe women”. So we believe her …now what are you going to do?

  6. It is a sad day when the highest official in Canada spews lies to Canadians. He has forced members of parliament to resign and he should be resigning immediately. If he does not resign, there needs to be a vote taken in the house for non confidence.

  7. No matter what he says he’s guilty and should be held accountable. If no action is taken government truly get away with it. Disgusting government.

  8. time for Justin to man up and put his big boy pants on he said As a government, we take any allegations of misconduct extremely seriously, and we believe that it is important to support women who come forward with allegations and that is exactly what our government will do.” so if he is anything other than a piece of dog poo he better do this

    1. He can lie as he pleases, he is much to arrogant and Really believes he is above the law, that is already proven with the ethics commission, even the laws he makes! He openly tells, he has smoked an illegal drug yet freely goes across the border. he is not to be believed,. We are left with a dud, and we know it!

  9. His response is deplorable. He’s fired people for less serious and unsubstantiated accusations. He should at the very least order an independent investigation. If not then declare that the #metoo movement has run its course and is over.

  10. “Trudeau has rightly made it very clear that he thinks that women who come forward with complaints of sexual assault and harassment must be supported and believed.”.. Here’s where the writer gets it wrong…. the PM in fact WRONGLY believes that all accusers should be believed…. this idea goes against every principal of our justice system. You’re supposed to be innocent until proven guilty… there’s supposed to be due process… in what other criminal charge do we say all accusations equal guilt? Is it enough for me to accuse someone of fraud, without actually having to provide proof and give my target a day in court? Trudeau, the hypocrite, should step down immediately… he just got bit in the ass by his own moronic value system. LIVE by this pandering, uber – PC nonsesnse… DIE by this pandering, uber-PC nonsense!

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