Media spreads misinformation about Trudeau government’s “economic rebound”

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Spencer Fernando

When Trudeau and the Liberals were at their lowest in the polls, many people, myself included, predicted that the establishment media would start trying to turn the tables in the Liberals’ favour as the election neared.

And lo and behold, that’s already happening.

For example, the media is trying to claim that the viral #TrudeauMustGo hashtag was pushed by “bots,” rather than the vast number of Canadians who want Trudeau out of office.

And now, they’re trying to push a message of a “strong” economy, even when the evidence says otherwise.

A recent Bloomberg article had the title, “Economic Rebound Gives Trudeau Momentum Ahead of Fall Election.”

Strangely, the article cites Trudeau’s numbers in a Nanos Poll, but also notes “Pollster pins shift among women on Pence and abortion debate.”

So, uh, not really about the economy then.

Also, claiming that there is an ‘economic rebound” usually needs to include evidence of an economic rebound.

In fact, we are seeing just the opposite.

Canada’s annualized rate of GDP growth for the first quarter of 2019 was an anemic 0.4%, far below the rate of inflation.

Overall GDP growth projections for the year are worse than last year, which were in turn worse than the year before.

And the jobs picture isn’t looking too solid either.

The ADP Canada National Employment Report says Canada gained 30,400 jobs in June.

That sounds good.

However, the report includes a massive downward revision to the already bad job numbers in May.

Originally, ADP had reported that -16,000 jobs were lost. The revised number was -36,700.

So, in the past two months, Canada has lost a net 6,300 jobs.

How can that be considered an “economic rebound?”

Manufactured narratives

This is a pre-planned, manufactured narrative by much of the establishment media, in an effort to “compensate” for the endless scandals faced by the Trudeau Liberals as the election nears.

Of course, it’s not the media’s job to “compensate” for negative coverage of the government if that negative coverage is deserved based on the government’s record.

And things are even worse when we consider that the Trudeau Liberals are campaigning on the taxpayers dime (under the pretext of “government announcements”), while simultaneously restricting social media ads—which hurts the Conservatives the worst.

Now, we know what to expect in the run up to the election: facts twisted into untruths, false narratives, and the government trying to buy us off with our own money while they lie right to our face.

Spencer Fernando

Spencer Fernando believes that Patriotic Canadians fighting for what’s right can lead Canada to achieve the full and unlimited potential of our nation. Spencer Fernando’s willingness to speak the truth has found a wide and growing audience, and he is grateful to all those who read, share, and support his writing.

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