Disgraced Liberal candidate Karen Wang tried to have a press conference at the Burnaby Public Library without asking the library for permission first.

Wang resigned from her position as the Liberal candidate for the Burnaby South federal byelection after she tried to incite the Chinese community to vote for her simply because she’s Chinese on social media.

What she got at the library instead was a chaotic hustle to the sidewalk and a crying mother as the mainstream media descended upon her like vultures.

In the video, Wang’s poor mother, who required support from a walking stick was descended upon like prey by a bunch of hyena reporters.

As soon as the reporters and cameramen got a whiff of what was going on outside of the library, they came rushing over huddling around Mrs. Wang, salivating for some good sound bites.

At one point a female reporter thrusts a boom mic past Mrs. Wang’s face, crushing her between two hard plastic cameras.

Throughout the video Mrs. Wang is violently jostled about by boisterous reporters and cameramen.

It was only until Karen Wang herself arrived on the scene that the reporters left her mother behind in the dirt to descend upon their next target.

There’s no excuse for how the mainstream media handled Karen Wang’s mom.

It’s true that Wang’s candidacy lasted an astonishingly short time, she was only the Liberal candidate for about a week’s time. In a way the Liberals must be disappointed since I wouldn’t put relying on ethnic sentiments for votes past them.

Realistically, we can’t blame Wang for this catastrophe. In a large part, the mainstream media is to blame. Take the Vancouver Star for example who waxed about how wrong it is for Wang to take such an approach but then devoted half of the page on their daily paper towards dividing the population by ethnicity.

I honestly don’t think Wang is racist, I do however think she thought she would get away with it.

It’s also a surprise to me that the mainstream media got into such an uproar about it. Usually outlets like the CBC love to capitalize on minority groups for capital gain.

Let’s all just be honest and realize that the mainstream media loves a good ethnic conflict to sell their papers.