Student Campaign Against Due to Jewish Faith

Noah Lew a third-year student at McGill recently posted a public post which within hours garnered thousands of shares nationwide.

This post highlights some of the most prevalent forms of anti-semitic behavior which have become rampant in many Canadian universities.

Noah writes “When I applied, an older Jewish student with a great deal of knowledge about SSMU told me that I needed to remove everything related to Judaism and Jewish organizations from my resume, or else I would have no chance of being even considered for the position.”

Outside of his need to rid himself of his religious affiliation for entry into the organization he also found himself quickly at the other end of an ugly case of identity politics.

“McGill BDS Action Network held public meetings where they outlined their planned response. Their plan was a campaign called “Democratize SSMU.” Democratize SSMU was a campaign to remove all Jewish and anti-BDS students from SSMU’s leadership, thinly veiled under the guise of “democracy,” “transparency,” and “accountability.” The description for the Democratize SSMU Facebook event publicly targeted me and two of my fellow Directors simply for being Jewish and having connections to a Jewish organization. My Jewish identity was now public, and a target was placed squarely upon me by the McGill BDS movement.

Democratize SSMU later removed my name from the description of the campaign, and admitted that it had been “insensitive to anti-Semitic tropes of Jewish people as corrupt and politically powerful.”

Sadly the powerful BDS movement managed to win in that campaign and voted Noah out.

“I have no doubt from the information circulated about me and campaign run against me prior to this vote that this was about my Jewish identity, and nothing more. I was blocked from being able to participate in my student government because I am Jewish, because I have been affiliated with Jewish organizations, and because I believe in the right to Jewish self-determination.

The BDS movement had accomplished their mission. They had succeeded in barring a Jewish student from participating in McGill’s student government. After me, two other Directors were voted down as well, because they opposed the BDS movement and because they had attempted to support McGill’s Jewish students.”

Context: Mcgill has been a hotspot for BDS action for well over 5 years now, and in some format or another, it seems Mcgill and its student union has been in the press once per year due to this activity.

A full account of Noah’s story can be found below.


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