Mayor John Tory won’t apologize for calling gunmen who wounded 2 young girls ‘sewer rats’

Perhaps it's time we focused on solving real problems and calling out dangerous criminals, instead of spending our days relating every single thing to identity politics. 

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Two days after the June 14 shooting, Tory told reporters near the crime scene that he and the family were heartened by the fact that “the police are working aggressively and they’re working with full resources deployed to track these people, these profoundly anti-social kind of sewer rats down.”

On Monday, Toronto journalist and activist Desmond Cole sparked an online debate about Tory’s comments, asking the mayor in a tweet: “did you apologize for calling black people “profoundly anti-social sewer rats” or nah?”

Furthermore, on Tuesday, the mayor defended his choice of words when asked by a reporter, saying the men responsible for the violence in the playground, in the area of McCowan Road and Alton Towers Circle, near Steeles Avenue East, posed a threat to public safety in Toronto.

Tory said he has tried to be “balanced” in his approach to Toronto’s gun violence problem.

“I will just tell you … I look at people who willingly and knowingly carry guns in their pocket and use those to shoot other people as being people who are … profoundly anti-social people,” Tory said.

“I was really angry that day about anybody who would show up anywhere in this city and brandish a gun and end up shooting two young children. I just think that those who, you know, play the race card and do other things like that in calling into question my description of those people should give their own head a shake,” he said.

“In the end, I knew nothing about who the suspects were when I said those words.”

Looking through this story I can only wonder where we have come to as a society, where every comment made about criminals, is ultimately being perceived as one based off of race.

The Mayor never made those comments with any race in mind, and the view put forward by the media, that his comments are in any way based off of race is disturbing to say the least, and in my view, more so representative of a failed attempt to brand John Tory as another Donald Trump.

Perhaps it’s time we focused on solving real problems and calling out dangerous criminals, instead of spending our days relating every single thing to identity politics.

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  1. I agree with John Tory. I always said he was was spineless by the way he handled the BLM terrorist group and their demands but I give him his dues here..don’t matter what color you are,when your shooting innocent kids than you are a sewer rat

  2. So what do we call a shit disturber / activist while he is trying to deflect the reality of the crime to a bleeding heart SJW cause away from what has happened?

    I’m sure that “sewer rat” does not apply.

    1. aldzzjuks…with that statement you are being racist. Questioning if he is in Canada legally because he calls thugs exactly what they are.

      1. WOW. Did you ever get this screwed up! Stop using “he” and use names as after a few iterations, the original “he” is lost as the object of the conversation.

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