Less than 30 minutes after Web Kinew was crowned the victory of Manitoba’s NDP leadership, Manitoba Progressive Conservatives launched a scathing attack website against targeting the new leader for some of his past discretions.

WabOn.ca has screenshots of past misogynistic and potentially homophobic tweets sent as far back as 2009, a summary of past charges of domestic assault, among many other problematic items.

For example, it includes:


In 2003, Kinew was charged with two counts of domestic assault. Those charges resulted in a stay of proceedings.

On September 28, 2004, Kinew was fined $1,522 for an assault charge on a cab driver, a refusal to submit a breath sample, and failing to comply with two court orders.

The site also includes the PCs’ estimated cost of promises Kinew has made, such as providing single payer pharmacare. The site estimates the total costs to be roughly $1,865,665,200.00.

Kinew beat out three-time leadership candidate and former MLA Steve Ashton 728 votes to 253 at the party’s leadership convention in Winnipeg on Saturday.

Kinew also acknowledged his road ahead against Pallister would be difficult.

“Even as we meet here today the trolls are taking to Twitter. The negative ads are being drawn up,”

“I will be attacked about my past. I will be tied to the mistakes of the past government and I will face the politics of personal destruction, all as Pallister desperately tries to cling to power.”

It will interesting to see if the NDP can counteract their leaders checkered past given their already abysmal polling. The NDP has remained roughly 10 points behind the Conservatives since their election in 2016.


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