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Manitoba Liberal Calls Crash That Paralyzed Fellow Legislator a “Gift”

Steven Fletcher, a Conservative MP from 2004-2015, became a quadriplegic from a car accident in 1996.

His car hit a moose in a collision that very nearly left him dead.

He was elected to the Manitoba Legislature as a PC but now sits as an independent.

Earlier this week, he was debating a bill on moose hunting, when he said that he would not mind if moose were wiped out completely.

An understandable position for someone in his position.

Judy Klassen the MLA for Kewatinook and the former interim leader of the Liberal party in Manitoba, showing the level of class we have come to expect from Liberal legislators, said that Fletcher’s 1996 accident was a “gift”, saying that the moose gave him the ability to become an advocate for people living with disabilities.

Editors Note: She later apologized for her comment.

Yanky Pollak

Yanky is an activist, business owner, and photographer.


  • Disgusting comment. Mr. Fletcher I sincerely hope you and your family can shrug off such an ignorant statement.

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