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Man who swam naked with sharks in  Ripley’s Aquarium pleads guilty to mischief

Man who swam naked with sharks in Ripley’s Aquarium pleads guilty to mischief 

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On September 19, Nelson, B.C.’s David Weaver plead guilty to mischief for his actions last year involving skinny dipping and a shark tank.

In a viral video, Weaver is seen having dived into the shark tank at Toronto’s Ripley’s Aquarium, completely buck naked.

“His behaviour was more than foolhardy, it was criminal,” said Crown attorney Heather Keating. “There is no other explanation other than attention-seeking.”

According to court statements, Weaver was drunk at the time of the incident and had greatly struggled with alcohol death after his brother murdered their father nearly twenty years before.


Weaver has since apologized for the incident, specifically saying he was sorry for wasting the time of the courts and justice system.

His lawyer also mentioned that part of Weaver’s decision to dive into the shark time was his client’s belief that animals should not be kept in cages. Thus, it appears that the naked shark diver’s incident was a sort of alcohol-fueled form of protest. He was, of course, cheered on by the many spectators who recorded the drunken activism.

Following his guilty plea, Weaver will “serve a 12-month suspended sentence, must attend counselling, and cannot return to Ripley’s,” reports the Toronto Sun.

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