A wanted man in Connecticut has agreed to hand himself in to police if the Facebook post calling for his arrest gets 15,000 likes.

According to CTV, “Torrington Police Department in Connecticut has seven warrants outstanding for the arrest of Jose Simms, 29, over ‘failure to appear’ charges.”

Lt. Brett Johnson of the Torrington Police took to Facebook to write: “Jose Simms negotiated with me earlier this week, through Facebook, and has agreed to turn himself in to Torrington Police if we can get 15,000 likes on this post, I said 10,000 he wanted 20,000, we split.”

Some praised the police for this innovative approach; others were not impresssed by the use of Facebook to apprehend a criminal.

***UPDATE*** We are getting a lot of inquiries as to if Mr. Simms has turned himself in yet. As of now he has not. We…

Публикувахте от City of Torrington Police Department в Сряда, 22 май 2019 г.

Simms’ previous criminal record includes misdemeanors, motor vehicle charges, and risk of injury to a child.

In these divisive times, it’s inspiring to see how social media can be used to bring people together—even cops and criminals.