Man accused in military centre stabbing acquitted of terror charges, not criminally responsible for actions

The prosecution argued that Canadian terror laws could apply to Ali because he acted as a "terrorist group of one."

(Toronto Police Service)
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TORONTO — A man with schizophrenia who attacked soldiers at a military recruitment centre in Toronto has been acquitted of terror-related charges and found not criminally responsible for lesser offences due to mental illness.

Judge Ian MacDonnell says Ayanle Hassan Ali’s actions in May 2016 do not fit the intended scope of Canadian terrorism laws.

Ali had pleaded not guilty to three counts of attempted murder, three counts of assault with a weapon, two counts of assault causing bodily harm and one count of carrying a weapon for the purpose of committing an offence, all for the benefit or at the direction of a terror organization.

His lawyers had argued that because he committed his actions alone and had never been in contact with any terror groups, he should be found not guilty on the terror charges. They also argued he should be found not criminally responsible for the lesser included offences of attempted murder, assault and weapons offences.

The prosecution argued that Canadian terror laws could apply to Ali because he acted as a “terrorist group of one.”

The judge ruled against the Crown’s argument, saying the federal government’s intention behind terrorism laws must be taken into account.

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  1. They’re all mentally ill with IQ’s of 70 so you must let them all go. Bring in more. There’s still room.

  2. This another example of how canada is going to be like with all the illigal immigrants being let into out country. Real canadains are about to become a minority soon unless we stand up for our country and start fighting back NOW

  3. Soooooo…. if he had depression I bet he would have gotten off, THE FACT HE DID IT FOR ISIS MEANT NOTHING and never will as long as they can pin it on something…ANYTHING else! That is the way it is going to go, just look at the list of ‘refugees, immigrants etc…’ who have been getting lesser to no punishments b.c of who they are. Trudeau has to keep the ISIS blamed attacks down to nothing in order to continue fulfilling his agenda.

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